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Last two SARS patients discharged from hospital

Last two SARS patients discharged from hospital

Group photos: Last recovered SARS patients in Beijing discharged from hospital

Large-scale concerts held for anti-SARS medical staff

Anti-SARS memorial tablet unveiled in Beijing

, Guangdong's last SARS patients discharged from hospital
, Anti-SARS technological product show in Changchun
, Beijing schools resume all classes ahead of schedule
, Overseas tourists arrive in Beijing after WHO lifts travel advisory
, Chinese premier commends HK SARS fighting heroes
, Sci-tech museum reopens in Beijing
, People enjoy themselves during post-SARS period
, Meeting commending anti-SARS fighters held in Guangzhou
, Hospital ends mission
, Vice Premier: SARS prevention must continue
, Beijing You'an Hospital sees off the last recovered SARS patient
Group Photos: Beijing jubilant over victory in fight against SARS
Group Photos: Beijing wins battle against SARS
, Group photos: WHO removes Beijing from SARS list, lifts travel advisory
, Group photos: HK removed from WHO SARS list
, Troops awarded for outstanding contributions to fight against SARS
, Group photos: Flights close to normal standard
, Xiaotangshan completes 51-day historical mission
, HK could soon be removed from list of SARS-affected areas: WHO
, Last 20 SARS patients in Xiaotangshan to leave hospital
 News about other countries
Belgian clinical tests offer hope for bird flu vaccine (07/27-05:38)
Vietnam sees declining bird flu outbreaks (12/30-11:06)
Another five persons placed in quarantine in Singapore (12/18-23:04)
Italy helps China train local officials against SARS (12/15-23:20)
Vietnam strives to maintain SARS-free status (10/20-21:14)
THAI Airways reports favorable operation despite SARS (10/08-12:35)
Singapore SARS patient most likely infected in lab: experts (09/23-17:17)
Singapore's SARS patient may be discharged next week (09/12-22:11)
Probable Singaporean SARS patient doing well, no fever: Health Ministry (09/11-20:50)
WHO urges countries to prepare for possible SARS re-emergence (09/11-19:36)
Vietnam prepares for new SARS outbreak (09/11-19:07)
Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City takes measures to prevent SARS return (09/10-18:07)
WHO official views Singapore SARS case as isolated one (09/10-17:53)
WHO official: Singaporean researcher may have caught SARS in lab (09/10-16:37)
SARS not to emerge in Kingdom: Thai PM (09/10-11:17)
Singapore quarantines 25 after SARS case confirmed (09/09-19:14)
Singapore SARS case not public health threat: WHO (09/09-19:47)
Japan conducts SARS drills (08/25-16:09)
Vietnam to hold international seminar on SARS (08/20-13:42)
Lifting of SARS measures announced in Singapore (07/26-00:17)
Thailand closes SARS operational unit (07/23-23:20)
Singapore holds SARS commemoration ceremony (07/23-00:29)
Canadian nurse dies of SARS (07/20-12:43)
Asian-Pacific countries unite for regional tourism promotion (07/15-21:25)
ASEAN ambassadors gather at Singapore to promote sports (07/12-15:23)
Nine people quarantined in US as SARS precaution (07/12-04:26)
Nearly 65 percent of Singapore families get SARS tool kits (07/11-21:19)
DPRK cancels SARS quarantine (07/11-17:07)
SARS TV channel closes in Singapore (07/10-10:14)
SARS batters Canada's tourism (07/09-10:56)
S.Korean airport strives to recover from impact of SARS (07/08-15:46)
Monitoring for SARS in Malaysia to go on: minister (07/07-21:56)
WHO warns SARS threat remains, more research needed (07/05-17:29)
WHO declares global outbreak of SARS contained (07/05-16:35)
Bali agency to charter plane to serve Chinese tourists (07/05-13:48)
Air NZ survives effects of SARS better than most other airlines (07/05-11:15)
Thai DPM urges Asia to use SARS as lesson to develop tourism (07/04-12:41)
NZ Health Ministry lifts SARS travel advisories (07/03-17:29)
WHO takes Toronto off SARS list (07/02-20:40)
Singapore spends 178 million US dollars in anti-SARS battle (07/01-00:57)
Senior labor officials meeting on SARS to be held in Manila (06/30-23:43)
1 million Chinese tourists expected to visit Thailand this year (06/30-09:37)
APEC health ministers gather to address SARS impact (06/28-14:57)
China shares experience on SARS fight with APEC health ministers (06/28-13:22)
Airlines slowly recovering in Cambodia (06/27-20:14)
APEC senior officials gather to discuss ways counteract SARS influence (06/27-19:34)
India withdraws measures to screen SARS (06/26-21:55)
Indonesia, Singapore discuss ways to combat SARS (06/26-18:19)
S.Africa welcomes exemptions of Beijing from SARS list (06/26-03:09)
Indonesia, Singapore to discuss ways of addressing SARS-related issues (06/25-19:02)
Japan's airlines to resume regular flights to China (06/25-17:45)
New Zealand lowers level of SARS risk in travelling to Beijing (06/25-13:29)
Indonesia's leading airliner welcomes SARS-free Beijing (06/25-13:28)
Japanese firms willing to invest in China despite SARS (06/24-21:42)
Japan lifts SARS-related advisory for travelers to Beijing (06/24-21:38)
Japan lifts SARS advisory for traveling to Hong Kong (06/23-20:53)
Vietnam expects full recovery of tourism in September (06/23-18:46)
200 tourists from China's Jiangsu expected to visit Indonesia per month (06/20-13:37)
Canada's Ontario rejects federal SARS relief offer (06/20-13:26)
Philippines to summon Libyan envoy on SARS-related travel ban (06/19-19:46)
SARS, bird flu push Thai egg exports on record pace (06/19-14:40)
Canadian nurses association issues SARS warning (06/19-14:13)
S.Korea disbands contingency body against SARS (06/19-11:32)
ADB cooperates with WHO in fight against SARS (06/18-16:54)
WHO: Full recovery of SARS averages 85 percent (06/18-13:13)
Fight against SARS by no means over: WHO official (06/17-15:54)
Nigeria adopts measures to keep SARS at bay (06/14-04:24)
Suspected SARS case closely monitored in southern Philippines (06/13-12:19)
ASEAN to be declared SARS-free zone (06/13-10:41)
Canada's tourism affected by SARS outbreaks (06/13-04:14)
SARS outbreak nearing end but still needs close monitoring: WHO (06/12-17:46)
Air Canada revenues down due to SARS (06/12-09:02)
Toronto battles to contain SARS spread (06/12-08:48)
Singapore to maintain stringent control measures against SARS (06/10-01:15)
ASEAN+3 health ministers issue action plans on fighting SARS (06/10-00:42)
Ninth person suspected of SARS patient in Thailand (06/06-20:41)
ADB provides assistance to Pakistan for purchasing SARS-detecting equipment (06/06-01:00)
WHO not to put Toronto back on travel advisory list (06/04-13:27)
US denounced for conditional support for anti-AIDS programs (06/04-10:37)
UN health agency works to expedite development of SARS diagnostic test (06/04-04:47)
APEC trade ministers determined to minimize SARS impact (06/03-19:37)
Suspected SARS victim's kin, doctors in Philippines cleared (06/03-13:45)
Thailand to begin global campaign to confirm SARS-free status (06/03-10:25)
SARS toll increases to 32 in Canada (06/03-10:17)
ADB reallocates SARS loan to Vietnam (06/02-20:34)
No probable SARS case reported in Malaysia for eight days (06/02-18:38)
SARS claims one more life in Toronto (05/31-11:47)
Singapore removed from WHO's SARS-affected areas list (05/31-00:04)
No probable SARS cases reported in Malaysia for six days (05/30-23:33)
Malaysia, Singapore to discuss SARS screening measures (05/30-21:52)
Vietnam stops sending workers to SARS-hit Taiwan (05/30-10:40)
New Zealand pledges money aid for fighting SARS in China, Pacific (05/29-15:13)
Pakistan supports China's fight against SARS (05/29-13:23)
Russia confirms first case of SARS (05/29-10:16)
56th World Health Assembly closes (05/28-22:44)
Two new suspected SARS cases found in Philippines (05/28-15:03)
Costa Rica to take census on AIDS (05/28-11:17)
Hospitals in Toronto vow to fight SARS together (05/28-09:33)
No probable SARS cases reported in Malaysia for three days (05/27-20:57)
Ethiopia announces measures to prevent SARS (05/27-19:02)
Canada's Toronto back on WHO SARS list (05/27-10:17)
German institute unveils new test on SARS (05/26-03:08)
ADB approves grants to address SARS in Asia-Pacific region (05/26-18:46)
SARS deeply affects NZ's trade, tourism markets in Asia (05/26-12:31)
Cambodia's suspected SARS boy discharged from hospital (05/25-12:35)
Science: Good public health measures can control SARS (05/24-21:03)
Probable SARS cases in Malaysia stand at five (05/24-20:27)
S.Korea re-issues travel alert for Toronto (05/24-16:06)
Scientists say SARS easier to be contained than some infections (05/24-12:05)
US issues new SARS travel alert for Toronto (05/24-08:36)
Kenya strengthens surveillance on SARS (05/24-01:05)
Japanese health minister announces SARS-free in Japan (05/23-18:50)
SARS could reappear this winter: US experts (05/23-10:27)
WHO initiates setting up surveillance, response system against SARS (05/23-10:11)
Vietnam seeks ways to promote post-SARS tourism (05/22-10:59)
No new SARS case detected in Vietnam in 45 days (05/21-00:46)
SARS no great risk for air travelers: WHO (05/21-15:28)
Canada encourages businesses to return to China (05/21-14:19)
Three badminton tournaments might be postponed over SARS (05/21-13:25)
WHO removes Philippines from SARS-hit list (05/21-11:28)
SARS boosts sales of soft drink labelled Sars (05/21-10:30)
WHO to clear Philippines from list of SARS-hit nations (05/20-19:29)
Thailand receives 35 million dollars to fight Aids (05/20-11:24)
Indonesia records another suspected SARS patient (05/19-20:15)
3/4 Japanese doubt effectiveness of government's anti-SARS measures: survey (05/19-19:18)
World Health Assembly opens amid concern over SARS (05/19-18:37)
No SARS virus detected in Japanese bus driver (05/19-12:37)
Thailand to present SARS-control success to WHO meeting (05/19-10:52)
Israel to test all arrivals at airport for SARS prevention (05/19-02:02)
New York official attributes low SARS cases to precaution, goodl uck (05/18-14:41)
Thailand sends medical kits to SARS-stricken Hong Kong (05/18-09:55)
Panama establishes SARS detection center (05/18-08:57)
SARS on agenda of second senior official meeting of APEC (05/17-12:37)
Eight SARS patients discharged from hospital in Philippines (05/17-11:30)
Mexico intensifies anti-SARS measures (05/17-11:28)
Cambodia's Mekong Airlines suspends all flights due SARS (05/16-21:51)
Asian airports adopt anti-SARS measures (05/16-17:08)
Japan's aid to China for SARS totals 1.76 billion yen (05/16-15:03)
New York State health workers take measures to curb spread of SARS (05/16-13:28)
Malaysian tourism sector hit by SARS crisis (05/16-12:37)
Switzerland faces court challenge over SARS ban (05/16-11:09)
Australia to assist China to fight SARS (05/15-21:17)
Singapore prepares for protracted war against SARS (05/15-19:47)
Japan aids China in fighting SARS (05/15-19:43)
Italian, Vietnamese leaders express sympathy with China over epidemic (05/15-19:40)
Thai health minister confirms THAI as SARS-free (05/15-17:25)
East Asian soccer game postponed over SARS fear (05/15-16:09)
SARS affects Cambodia's economic growth: official (05/15-16:08)
Two more SARS cases confirmed in Philippines (05/15-15:05)
WHO removes Toronto from SARS list (05/15-10:51)
Japan to release personal data in "probable" SARS cases (05/14-20:14)
Indonesia records another SARS patient (05/14-20:13)
Economists optimistic about Asian & Chinese economies (05/14-14:41)
Experts warn against SARS' psychological impact on Asian economy (05/14-01:37)
Indonesia records another suspected SARS patient (05/13-21:30)
Malaysia to host Global Scientific Meeting on SARS (05/13-18:13)
Returning Thai students required for 10-day quarantine (05/13-12:23)
Vitamin C -- effective treatment of SARS: Australian doctors (05/13-09:36)
Two more suspected SARS cases reported in Malaysia (05/12-22:25)
Japan to spend 100 mln yen to diagnose, prevent SARS (05/12-22:25)
ADB considers 30 mln dollars in aids, loans to SARS-hit members (05/12-18:00)
ADB prepares action plan to address SARS (05/12-16:37)
DPRK on high vigilance against SARS (05/11-14:16)
Thai cabinet to meet at tourist destinations to combat fear of SARS (05/11-10:11)
Philippines to protest WHO over SARS classification (05/10-15:03)
THAI promises high compensation for inflight SARS infection (05/10-14:00)
S.Korean first SARS case discharged from hospital (05/10-13:46)
Indonesia records another suspected SARS patient (05/09-23:35)
22 Japanese aboard plane with SARS patients, 11 unavailable (05/09-22:45)
Singapore posts latest findings on mutating abilities of SARS virus (05/09-18:25)
Philippine health official: breast milk best vs SARS (05/09-12:19)
Thailand pours 119 mln dlrs into SARS-hit tourism sector (05/09-11:27)
Honduras takes measures against SARS threat (05/09-11:13)
Italy suspends Schengen agreement in anti-SARS move (05/09-11:10)
Swiss government to compensate SARS-affected companies (05/09-11:08)
Russia closes checkpoints to prevent SARS (05/09-11:06)
Colombia tightens anti-SARS measures (05/09-09:17)
New Zealand to test SARS fever scans at airport (05/09-08:52)
Cambodia to reduce SARS impact on tourism (05/09-00:00)
Macroeconomic impact in Asia manageable if SARS contained quickly:IMF (05/08-23:37)
Nepal and Bangladesh strongly support China's fight against SARS (05/08-21:47)
Cambodian hospital sets strategy in case of SARS (05/08-20:16)
Mozambique to receive SARS testing equipment (05/08-05:10)
South African man admitted to isolation after showing SARS symptoms (05/08-02:47)
Italian airports to use SARS fever sensors soon (05/08-00:15)
S.Korea to spend 5.5 million US dollars on preventing SARS spread (05/07-17:16)
Italian minister emphasizes EU need for stricter prevention of SARS (05/06-23:43)
EU emergency talks focu on SARS, tobacco-related diseases (05/06-22:26)
Chinese mainland reports 160 new SARS cases (05/05-16:18)
Beijing isolates more people, construction sites, for SARS prevention (05/04-23:50)
2 suspected SARS cases, 70 foreigners confined in India (05/04-13:22)
New Zealanders returning from overseas warned against visiting hospitals (05/03-18:30)
Philippine president calls for aggressive anti-SARS campaign (05/03-16:28)
Sri Lanka to introduce legislation on SARS (05/03-14:56)
Dhaka to form inter-ministerial body to combat SARS (05/03-13:30)
Italy steps up anti-SARS measures (05/03-10:59)
THAI cooperates with 25 foreign airlines in containing SARS (05/03-09:14)
Singapore to refocus anti-SARS efforts on in-community infection control: official (05/03-00:04)
Philippines has SARS task force to supervise diplomatic missions (05/02-22:38)
Pakistan starts battle against SARS (05/02-21:57)
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