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By Resolution 836 (IX) in December 1954, the UN General Assembly recommended that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children all over the world, and to promote the protection, welfare and education of children. >>
"Global News Day for Children" award ceremony held in Beijing
Civil Affairs Ministry, UNICEF join hands in children social work research   
More single mothers, abused women place children for adoption in Fiji
Bangladesh home to 33 million poverty-ridden children: UNICEF
Universal dream kid, caring for needy and ardent in environmental protection
UNICEF lauds renewed deal by SPLA to end use of child soldiers
Global media laud campaign for Universal Children's Day
Chicago toy, game offers inspiration for children
More than 900 media organizations join "Global News Day for Children"
One out of eight children in Mauritania dies before five years old: UNICEF
Enzo Perino, an Argentine youth and tango musician
Gaza children survive with psychological trauma and hard living conditions
Small island youth at risk due to climate change
UNICEF urges stepped-up response to crisis in Somalia
Cote d'Ivoire media salute global campaign for Universal Children's Day
Gabon grapples with fight against child trafficking
Artists stage concert in Togo to mark Universal Children's Day
Beijing in Mexican girl's eyes
UN official urges countries to learn from Cuba on children's protection
L.American countries mark 20th anniversary of UN children's rights convention
Czech panel discussion marks anniversary of child rights convention
UN officials: Twenty years after treaty, ensuring child rights still a challenge
UNICEF chief calls for end of "unspeakable violations" against children
Children's happiness is the ideal of all
"Seize opportunity" for children, says UN chief
EU calls for action on children's rights
UNICEF official speaks at launch of SOWC special edition for 20th anniversary of CRC, Global News Day for Children
Xinhua President's speech at launch of SOWC special edition for 20th anniversary of CRC, Global News Day for Children
UNICEF lauds move by Somalia to ratify child convention
Myanmar holds ceremony to mark Universal Children's Day
Gazans mark Universal Children's Day with call for care
Survey: Orphans, child-headed households on rise in South Africa
Report: South African women having fewer children
Timor-Leste president: Children's right should be strongly upheld
Helping children is "the only thing to do" for future
AIDS, malaria eclipse the biggest child-killers
Spain offers Niger $4.5 mln for "childhood, nutrition and food security" program
UN official speaks at launch of SOWC special edition for 20th anniversary of CRC, Global News Day for Children
Championing children, Chinese media take greater social responsibility
Advocates: UN convention drives global cause of child rights protection
UN chief's interview video played at launch of SOWC special edition for 20th anniversary of CRC, Global News Day for Children
Indian boy mirrors plight of millions of kids
Pakistan organizes walk to observe Universal Children's Day
School children of ethnic Romanian minority see shared hope with their Romanian peers
UN photo exhibit offers glimpses into children's lives worldwide
Poverty affects children in L America: UNICEF official
UNICEF Italy calls for more actions to protect children's rights
UNICEF chief calls for nondiscrimination against baby girls
Children, women most vulnerable in L America: UN body
Report: Economic, climate, population shifts threaten child rights development
U.S. advocate: Promoting children's rights makes a better world 
Commentary: Joint media efforts make history in championing child rights
Official: China promotes children's development, rights protection
Children live in the sun of rights convention
Nov. 20 day to highlight importance of children, UNICEF chief says
World sees progress on survival, development rights of children: Report
Backgrounder: Convention on the Rights of the Child
Chinese-version report on state of children issued on Universal Children's Day
UN child rights convention well incorporated into national laws: report
Agents for world peace -- inside the United Nations International School
UNICEF: 1 billion children still struggle to survive
Challenges abound in advancing children's rights: UNICEF official
For all children, let's take our responsibility
Working for "a world for children free of violence": top UN official
Stolen childhood in battle
Cyprus commissioner both pleased and dissatisfied with status quo of children's rights
World media launch 24-hour global broadcast on Universal Children's Day
UNICEF says more than 43,000 children work in DR Congo mines
Afghan human rights body concerns about children rights ahead of Universal Children Day
World Day Against Child Abuse being observed in Nepal
Xinhua to live broadcast Global News Day for Children
World Vision Int'l in global campaign to reduce child deaths
Interview: Ensuring American children's health
Toronto Chinese model school flourishes with volunteers' help
Russia commemorates 20th anniversary of children's rights convention
UNICEF urges Bolivia to fight against sexual abuse of children
Who hasn't got a dream when young?
Children are our future, UNICEF chief says
Ugandan orphan fends for siblings in war-ravaged north
The warmth of a home away from home
Children the most precious gift for adopting parents
Children's popular culture points to Japanese values, traditions
Chinese culture embraced by Canadian adoptive family
Afghan girl attends school with hope for future
Diversity brings children together at UN International School
Peking Opera girl
Happy little angels in Austria
Mary and her family in Georgia
Aysha's doctor dream in Afghanistan
Tent girl in Gaza Strip
Brussels in Elise's eyes
Chinese children break down cultural barriers to foreign friendship
Afghanistan launches three-day nationwide polio vaccination
Finnish children's happy childhood
Sahar Karmo desires to go to school in Lebanon
Nepal to hold programs for Universal Children's Day
Disaster holds no fears for Indonesian tsunami-surviving child
Ever more Mexican children learn Chinese
South Asia hotspot for maternal, child undernutrition: UNICEF
Jordan's dream is to work for environmental sustainability
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