Number of Tibetan antelopes rises to over 200,000 at Changtang in Tibet

Source: Xinhua| 2017-07-10 16:23:04|Editor: An


A herd of Tibetan antelope ewes migrate to breeding area at Changtang National Nature Reserve in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, June 24, 2017. It is breeding season of Tibetan antelopes at Changtang. There are over 3,000 ewes awaiting delivery or just delivered simply at the reserve in Qiuka region of Xainza County. The total number of Tibetan antelopes has risen to more than 200,000 at Changtang. With an area of 298,000 square km and an average altitude of 5,000 meters, Changtang is China's biggest and highest reserve. The area is located in northern Tibet where few humans reside, however, it is a wildlife paradise, and home to a variety of wildlife species and numerous lakes. More than 40 species of rare wild animals including Tibetan antelopes, Tibetan wild donkeys, Tibetan yaks and black-necked cranes living in the region.(Xinhua/Purbu Zhaxi) 

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