Getting prepared for Sanfu?

Source: Xinhuanet| 2017-07-12 14:37:45|Editor: Yamei

BEIJING, July 12 (Xinhuanet) -- China today has entered Toufu, the first phase of Sanfu. In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Sanfu refers to the periods that are predicted to be the hottest days of the year, which are called Toufu, Zhongfu and Mofu.

Sanfu is between mid-July to mid-August. This year's Sanfu is much longer, lasting from July 12 to August 20.

Do you get prepared for the hottest days of the year? Here are some tips that might help you to beat the heat.

Receiving Sanfutie

Sanfutie is a bandage made of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believe that receiving Sanfutie during the hottest summer days is effective for coughs, asthma and arthritis. And it is a patchwork solution for winter ills in summer.

(Xinhua/Yang Yujian)

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