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Shenzhou VI re-entry capsule opened

Shenzhou-6 spacecraft lands safely

Re-entry capsule of Shenzhou-6 back home

Astronauts talk with family members on ground

Shenzhou-6 spacecraft successfully takes off

Profile: China's 2 Shenzhou-6 astronauts

China develops lunar probe

Space heros greeted at Beijing Space City
      Comments / Int'l reaction    
- World leaders hail success of Shenzhou-6 manned space mission 19/10
- Bulgaria congratulates China on successful manned space mission 18/10
- Space mission heralds high-tech boom 18/10
- Overseas Chinese in Myanmar hails successful space mission 17/10
- Macao chief hails successful landing of Shenzhou-6 17/10
- China not intended for space war 17/10
- Overseas Chinese in Cameroon hail Shenzhou-6 success 17/10
- Chirac congratulates China on spaceship return 17/10
- Key moments marking Shenzhou-6's successful return to Earth 17/10
- Grounded astronauts keep dreams alive 17/10
- China to fortify presence in world's space club 15/10
- China catches up very quickly in space program: Canadian expert 15/10
- Shenzhou-6 launch boosts passion in scientific innovation 14/10
- Uruguayan newspapers hail successful launch of Shenzhou-6 14/10
- China reaches world level in spacecraft-recovery technology: expert 13/10
- BCPFA hails China's launch of manned spacecraft 13/10
- Uganda welcomes China's new start of access to space 13/10
- China keeps upgrading spacecrafts: chief designer 13/10
- World acclaims launch 13/10
- China enters new era of space history 12/10
- Singapore hails China's successful launch of spacecraft 12/10
- China's spaceflight makes headline news around world 12/10
- China's space program for peaceful use of resources 12/10
- European astronaut wishes China success in 2nd manned space mission 12/10
- US expert lauds China's launch of second manned spacecraft 12/10
- Planned Shenzhou VI launch marks start of manned space experiments 09/10
- Chinese benefit from booming space technology 08/10

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