South Sudan intensifies patrol to contain child abduction and cattle rustling

Source: Xinhua| 2019-01-10 22:01:13|Editor: xuxin
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JUBA, Jan. 10 (Xinhua) -- South Sudan's Jonglei region will intensify joint police patrol along its five-state borders to contain cattle rustling and abduction of children, officials said on Thursday.

Philip Aguer Payang, Jonglei State governor, said the patrols aim to ease interstate crimes and maintain law and order between the neighboring states of Boma, Akobo, Bieh and Pangak.

"The five states of greater Jonglei had agreed since last year that we have to form joint integrated police that will be responsible for combating child abduction and cattle raiding," said Aguer.

He revealed President Salva Kiir has approved the plan and instructed the national police to put the necessary arrangement in order for the training of the new recruits, saying each state will contribute 500 trainees.

The official noted that the 2,500 police force will be comprised of young men and women that will undergo thorough proper training to eradicate organized crime in the five states.

"We will start with contributing with resources from each of the states and then the national government has already adopted the idea and we expect logistical support from the national government," said Aguer.

"As soon as we get the recruits then the training process will commence in Gadiang. The focus will be between ages of 18 to 20, and if we get those who read and write then it will be the best criteria. We want young people to join this force," he added.

Aguer appealed to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to offer technical support to the initiative through its UN police as a way to restore peace and reconciliation in the area.

He revealed that the force will also establish its independent joint border court that will be able to prosecute cattle raiders and child abductors.

The Jonglei region has suffered decades of communal and tribal violence, mainly caused by cattle raiding, child abduction and grazing land.

Earlier this year, more than 42 people were killed and more than 78 others wounded in Bieh State located in the northeastern part of Jonglei.