Myanmar's Yangon former dump fire site set to receive trash again

Source: Xinhua| 2019-07-18 10:15:43|Editor: Shi Yinglun
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YANGON, July 18 (Xinhua) -- The former dump fire site in the outskirts of Myanmar's Yangon has been set to receive trash again more than one year after the site was engulfed by fire last year, according to the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) Thursday.

The trash will be disposed in 80 acres (32.4 hectares) of land out of 150 in Hteinpin Cemetery area, Hlaingtharya township laid with rocks and broken bricks in the next two years, said Dr. Aung Myint Maw, deputy head of the YCDC Pollution Control and Cleansing Department.

The Hteinpin dump fire broke out on April 21, 2018 and the trash site was burnt for a consecutive five days.

The fire spread to over 100 acres of the 300-acre site causing health hazards in nearby areas due to the smoke and carbon monoxide emitted from the fire.

With the use of 1,800 gallons of bio-foam from neighboring Thailand, the dump fire was finally put under control, leaving 13 patients hospitalized.

The bad smell from the burning smoke was widely felt in far downtown areas constituting a major environmental issue then.