Commentary: Heritage of horticultural expo will never fade

Source: Xinhua| 2019-10-09 22:43:44|Editor: yan
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BEIJING, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- On Wednesday, the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition, a huge "green carnival" themed "Live Green, Live Better," witnessed its last day after 162 days of exhibition.

The expo not only made the lush green town of Yanqing, a suburban district in northern Beijing where the expo is held, well known to to more people, but also left more "green landmarks" in advancing an ecological civilization and achieved more "green consensus".

As the world's largest expo of its kind, the event in Beijing attracted exhibitors from 110 countries and international organizations, plus over 120 unofficial exhibitors, and finished with around 9.34 million admissions both domestically and internationally. Around 8,000 gardening plants and 820 vegetable, fruit and herb species were displayed at the event.

During the expo, new technologies in area such as wetland restoration, water desalination and green energy generation have been presented in different exhibition pavilions from various countries, which manifested the continuous efforts to explore green development and green lifestyle by people from across the world.

The destiny of every civilization is inseparable from the ecological conditions it lives in.

In the past seventy years, Chinese people have built and advanced their ecological civilization after decades of war and poverty.

Beijing and Kunming, the pair of Chinese cities that hosted A1-category international horticultural exhibitions, have born witness to how a green and environmentally-conscious China came about.

Now China is stepping up its efforts to fight against environmental issues including air, water and earth pollutions.

As an active advocate and participant of ecological civilization development, China has contributed and will continue to contribute more good ideas to the great cause for all humanity.

Earth is the only home for humankind in the vast universe, and the ideals of green development and ecological civilization can only be realized through the concerted endeavor by all the people around the world.

While the expo in Beijing came to an end, its green ideals have broadly spread and taken root in people's minds. In a time when a range of severe environmental challenges are still there to be addressed, the heritage of the expo in Beijing will never fade away.