Chinese, German FMs hold 5th round of China-Germany strategic dialogue on diplomacy, security

Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-14 23:04:23|Editor: huaxia

BERLIN, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi co-chaired the fifth round of China-Germany strategic dialogue on diplomacy and security with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas here on Thursday.

In a world full of risks and challenges, China and Germany, as two countries of great influence, should strengthen strategic communication, mutual trust and cooperation, and push their all-round strategic partnership to a new level while working together to cope with global challenges, Wang said.

The two sides should maintain a mindset that is inclusive and open, adhere to the principles of mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs and handle their differences through constructive dialogue, said the Chinese minister.

They should make it clear that they are partners rather than opponents, and strive to make themselves true cooperative partners transcending ideologies, he said.

The two sides should stay committed to opening-up and win-win approach, expand mutually beneficial cooperation at higher levels and make China-Germany cooperation greater than the sum of its parts, Wang said.

He also welcomed Germany's participation in the joint construction of the Belt and Road and called for further cooperation between both countries in third-party markets in Africa, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe.

The two sides should provide a fair environment for scientific and technological cooperation between Chinese and German enterprises and refrain from discriminatory practices, Wang said.

The two sides should work closely together to speed up negotiations on the China-EU investment agreement and play a leading role in promoting the growth of China-EU relations, Wang said.

The two countries should further strengthen coordination in international and regional affairs, jointly uphold multilateralism and make greater contributions to world peace and development, he added.

For his part, Maas said Wang's visit to Germany amid the fight against the novel coronavirus in China reflects the trust and support between the two countries.

Noting that Germany highly values China's international status and role, Maas said the common interests between the two sides far outweigh their differences. The two countries should maintain close exchanges and strengthen dialogue in order to achieve high-level development of bilateral ties.

Germany upholds the one-China policy and respects China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the latter's concerns on core interests and sensitive issues, Maas said.

Sharing a consistent stance with China on safeguarding free trade, Germany opposes the use of tariffs for trade wars, advocates open markets and rejects restrictive measures against specific enterprises, he said. Additionally, Germany stands ready to deepen cooperation with China on digitalization.

The two sides should work closely to make the EU-China diplomatic agenda for this year a success, he said.

Germany is ready to work with China to align Eurasian connectivity plans with the Belt and Road Initiative and maintain close communication on climate change, biodiversity, and reform of the World Trade Organization, among other issues, he added.

Wang thanked the German side for its moral and material support for China in the fight against the epidemic, briefed on China's anti-virus efforts and latest progress, and said China is confident and capable of defeating the epidemic at an early date.

Given that its economy has strong internal driving forces, China will overcome any temporary difficulty and strive to reach its economic and social goals set for 2020, he said.

He hopes that Germany will continue to adopt a rational attitude in the efforts to enhance the mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries through the joint fight against the epidemic.

Maas said that Germany firmly stands with China in combating the epidemic and appreciates China's decisive and responsible measures, believing that China will overcome the coronavirus soon.

Opposed to any emotional reaction and discrimination, Germany will continue to respond to the situation in a calm and objective way, he said, adding that Germany is willing to provide more support and assistance in addition to its previous donation of medical supplies.

The two sides also exchanged views on other issues of common concern, including Libya, Afghanistan, the Korean Peninsula, and arms control.