Chinese film charms Nepali movie enthusiasts

Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-15 00:24:35|Editor: yan
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KATHMANDU, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- The third edition of the Nepal International Film Festival kicked off here Thursday with the screening of a popular Chinese movie "The Composer."

The film about a story based on late Chinese composer Xian Xinghai highly impressed Nepali movie enthusiasts as it was screened for the first time in Nepal by Nepal Film and Cultural Academy under the theme of Celebration of Narratives.

According to the festival director, this particular movie was selected by jury members as a special and important film co-produced by China and Kazakhstan.

"The Composer is a highly acclaimed and award-winning movie. It was put as an opening film in our festival, considering its importance and popularity. It provided our diverse audience an insight into world history and culture," KP Pathak, festival director, told Xinhua after the movie screening.

He said the festival aims to promote Chinese films in Nepal and Nepali films in China in the future.

The Chinese movie is based on the true story of the composer who got stranded in Almaty while trying to return to China from Russia and composed several works in the 1940s.

Nepali movie enthusiasts appreciated the movie, released in 2019, terming it as very powerful and emotional at the same time.

Pradeep Shrestha, a movie enthusiast who has been working for promotion of China-Nepal art and culture, shared with Xinhua, "I simply loved the movie. Since it is about music and music touches everyone; it's amazing. It also highlighted friendship among two countries, which is an important element."

His statement was echoed by other movie lovers as well. Dipendra Dhungana, a photo journalist, regarded the movie as an excellent portrayal of history.

"We get to know about history, cultural connectivity and lifestyle all in one. The use of technology and presentation are equally impressive," Dhungana said.

Many members of the audience suggested Chinese movies be regularly screened in Nepali theaters to let Nepali people understand China and Chinese culture better.

Rajendra Rimal, a film critic, said, "Chinese films have started making visible presence in the Nepali film festivals lately. It's a positive sign. More movies should be brought in the days to come."

Besides The Composer, the festival is screening at least five other Chinese films in the next four days.

According to the organizer, they had received submissions of at least 600 films from 55 countries for the festival. Among them, 80 films were selected by a special jury. The festival will conclude on Monday.