Tibet aids epidemic fight in Hubei

Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-20 19:36:48|Editor: huaxia

LHASA, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- People from all walks of life in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have lent their support to help combat the novel coronavirus in the hardest-hit Hubei Province.

Local authorities have sent three seasoned medical experts from Tibet to help combat the epidemic in Hubei.

This group of disease control personnel has rich experience in epidemiological surveying. They will help conduct epidemiological investigations, said Wang Shoubi, with the regional health commission.

"This is an urgent task. We will work with the people of Hubei to overcome the difficulties," said Guo Linhai, with the regional health supervision bureau, also the team leader.

Tibet has provided 50 tonnes of yak meat and 169,000 boxes of mineral water to Hubei. The region has also sent 5,000 N95 masks, 100 medical protective suits and 200 pairs of medical protective goggles to Hubei, in addition to Tibetan medicine.

Numerous Tibetan monasteries and local residents have donated money to support Hubei.

"To help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, we'd better stay at home and wear protective outfits when we need to go outside," said Yangdron, a resident in Lhasa, the regional capital.

As of Wednesday, Tibet had only one confirmed novel coronavirus case, and the patient has already been discharged from hospital.