Spotlight: China combats coronavirus crisis professionally: Egyptian experts

Source: Xinhua| 2020-02-26 06:13:07|Editor: yan
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CAIRO, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- China is combating the COVID-19 outbreak professionally and effectively, Egyptian experts said during a forum held on Tuesday in Egyptian capital Cairo.

Entitled "China and Management of Coronavirus Crisis," the forum is organized by the Cairo branch of Chinese mobile internet company OneMena, co-hosted by the Egyptian-Chinese Cultural Exchange Association (ECCEA) and attended by a number of Egyptian experts including diplomats, researchers, physicians and writers.

Mohamed Noman Galal, Egypt's former ambassador to China and member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, said that "China's reaction to the outbreak of the epidemic was so fast, responsible and professional."

"The Chinese leadership and concerned authorities also communicated with the international community and the World Health Organization which led to massive cooperation and coordination," said the former ambassador.

"The Chinese precautious measures were very important and they largely prevented the spread of the infection," said Mohamed Ezz el-Arab, renowned Egyptian physician and founder of the liver tumors unit at the National Liver Institute.

China "managed to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus so practically and the whole world supports China in this regard," the Egyptian physician and medicine professor added.

There are two very good indications, namely the declining mortality rate and the rising cure rate, Ezz el-Arab told the forum.

The attendees expressed their belief that China is able to overcome the ongoing crisis very soon because of its advanced medical control and prevention measures and scientific capabilities.

Salah Abdullah, Egyptian former parliamentarian and former assistant chief of the Egyptian medical syndicate, said, "The way China managed to isolate Wuhan and limit the virus outbreak is undoubtedly appreciated and admired by the whole world."

"China is fighting COVID-19 on behalf of the whole world. The world is lucky that China has such massive capabilities to deal with the crisis professionally," Abdullah said.

Egypt sent tonnes of medical supplies to China as a sign of solidarity with the Asian country and its people in combating the new virus.

EgyptAir, the national airline of Egypt, also announced that it will resume flights to and from China starting from Feb. 27.

Wang Hu, head of the ECCEA and a main organizer of the forum, expressed appreciation of the solidarity of the Egyptian leadership and people with their Chinese counterparts in overcoming the coronavirus challenge.

"We are hopeful that the virus will be overcome very soon and we're happy that EgyptAir will resume flights to and from China and looking forward to seeing more Chinese tourists and further economic projects with Egypt after the crisis is over," Wang told Xinhua.