China's experience inspires world, helpful for global fight against COVID-19 -- experts

Source: Xinhua| 2020-03-28 12:41:55|Editor: huaxia

TRIPOLI, March 28 (Xinhua) -- As the coronavirus has been generally under control in China, China's experience, with a huge sacrifice in both economy and social life, will be very helpful for the world to combat the widespread disease, Libyan experts and analysts have said.

To contain the virus, China has taken unprecedented measures, and also "made huge sacrifices at the expense of its economy and social system," Libyan political analyst Faraj al-Dali told Xinhua.

The experience "has become an inspiration for a number of countries that are eager to apply the Chinese expertise in their medical systems that are now seriously suffering," al-Dali said.

Khalid al-Muntaser, a Libyan professor on international relations, said China has absorbed the most dangerous first shock brought by the virus, worked hard, and shared experience with the world in a timely manner, so that others would benefit from it and avoid making mistakes.

"China did not close (itself) and was transparent by providing all information in the service of humanity, and was proactive in writing a guide explaining methods of prevention and work plan for medical workers to deal with the virus," al-Muntaser said.

"This is highly valuable information the world needs to reduce its human and economic losses," he added.

Kamal Al-Mansoori, a Libyan researcher of economic affairs, said that China, along with its success in meeting the medical challenge against the virus, has done its best to accelerate economic recovery.

"At a time when China continues to reduce infection rates to zero levels, it implements a programmed plan to open major factories and move between cities," Al-Mansoori said. "This means China is waging war on several fronts to ensure world economic stability."

According to the researcher, the world expects China, a key pillar of global growth, to recover quickly.