Efforts continue to stop mine tailings leak in NE China

Source: Xinhua| 2020-03-31 00:19:26|Editor: huaxia

HARBIN, March 30 (Xinhua) -- Efforts are going on to stop a leakage of mine tailings in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, local government said Monday night.

The leakage happened at 1:40 p.m. Saturday at the tailings pond of the Yichun Luming Mining Co., Ltd. in the city of Yichun.

About 2.53 million cubic meters of waste water entered into a local river and caused certain pollution.

Necessary measures including setting up interception dams and placing flocculant and activated carbon have been taken to secure safe drinking water for local residents.

Environmental monitoring has been intensified. Water intaking has been suspended from Sunday night in the city of Tieli, while an alternate source has been used.