China Focus: Guangdong measures against COVID-19 effective, helpful: African consul generals

Source: Xinhua| 2020-04-19 21:13:35|Editor: huaxia

GUANGZHOU, April 19 (Xinhua) -- Consul generals of African countries in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, said they support the local measures against COVID-19 and believe the novel coronavirus will eventually be defeated through strengthened communication and joint efforts.

The various measures have shown the importance Guangdong has attached to African residents, and a communication mechanism has been established between the African consulate generals and Guangdong and Guangzhou authorities, Alima Danfakha Gakou, consul general of Mali in Guangzhou, told media Saturday.

"The friendly cooperation relations between China and Africa are unremitting. All parties are expected to join hands together to prevent the common risks brought by the virus and protect the health and safety of ourselves and others," said Gakou, also dean of the African Consulate Corps in Guangzhou.

She said the foreign affairs office of Guangdong updates them on the latest information and epidemic prevention measures every day, and the consulate general will timely translate the updated entry policy and notify Mali people.

Gakou said she was impressed that China had taken effective measures to contain the spread of the epidemic and saved numerous lives, including building two makeshift hospitals in around 10 days, which was astonishing and admirable.

She also said while fighting against the virus domestically, China kept assisting African countries, which received abundant aids from the Chinese government and companies.

Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City have taken multiple moves to protect the rights and interests of African expatriates, Gakou said, adding they maintained close communication with the provincial and city foreign affairs departments.

By the end of Wednesday, Guangzhou had reported 39 confirmed COVID-19 cases who were foreigners. A total of 102 asymptomatic cases were identified among the foreigners in Guangzhou, according to the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission.

On Saturday, the foreign affairs office of the province issued an open letter, calling for joint efforts in the fight against COVID-19, which was welcomed by the diplomats from Africa.

Adam Yousif, consul general of Sudan in Guangzhou, said the open letter showed the clear attitude of the provincial government, especially its opposition to any discriminatory remarks or acts against specific individuals or groups.

He said African expatriates in Guangdong are willing to strictly abide by local anti-virus guidelines and regulations to ensure the safety of the lives and health of residents.

Ethiopian Consul General in Guangzhou Teferi Melesse Desta said they would continue to work together with local governments to promote mutual understanding.

He said Guangdong has taken many effective measures and African communities here obey the instructions.

"The measures taken by the Guangdong government to prevent the virus are very helpful and we talk about it with great pleasure," he said, adding that a platform has been set up for strengthened communication, which he said was a precise and targeted measure.

"Now our common enemy is the virus. We should work together to defeat the virus," he said. Enditem