Cliff tomb reveals ancient luxurious burials

Source: Xinhua| 2020-05-15 14:06:43|Editor: huaxia

CHENGDU, May 15 (Xinhua) -- A cliff tomb unearthed in southwest China's Sichuan Province has revealed the luxurious burial customs of ancient times.

Archaeologist found a well-preserved tomb of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.) during excavations in Chengdu, the provincial capital, the Chengdu Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute said Friday.

Chinese people had the tradition of giving the deceased luxurious burials during the Han Dynasty, and tombs of that period were typically robbed by modern-day tomb raiders. But all the buried objects in the Chengdu tomb have remained intact. The facilities and decorations were still in their original places, according to the institute.

The number of unearthed objects stands at 86, in addition to hundreds of coins.

"The tomb has high historic and research value, because it will help shape the burial traditions, ceremonies and concepts of the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period," said Zuo Zhiqiang, who led the archaeological team.

A wooden coffin, a clay coffin, a Buddha-shaped money tree and a pottery house structure have been collected by the institute and research work on them has begun. Enditem