Roundup: Over 100 political parties worldwide congratulate on CPC's 99th anniversary

Source: Xinhua| 2020-07-02 00:36:56|Editor: huaxia

BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) -- More than 100 foreign political parties have congratulated General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee on the party's 99th anniversary that falls on Wednesday, lauding its glorious history and the great achievements China has scored.

In their messages sent recently to the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, the parties expressed the belief that China, under the leadership of the CPC, will definitely move toward a brighter future and make greater contribution to the development of human society.

The Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP) said that the CPC Central Committee with Xi at its core has united and led the Chinese people to constantly improve the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and promote the reform and opening-up, the state development and construction to gain new achievements, with the party's and the country's influence growing regionally and globally, the LPRP said.

These achievements have provided the LPRP, the Lao government and people with valuable experience and great encouragement to attain their socialist goals of national development in the new era, the Lao party said.

Indonesia's Nasdem Party said that under the leadership of the CPC, China has managed to tackle the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is making steady progress in economic development. The party is ready to stick together through thick and thin with the CPC and believes that China will attain greater development and create a better life for its people.

The Egyptian Communist Party (ECP) said that during the past 99 glorious years, the CPC has led the Chinese people to score remarkable achievements in the development of politics, economy, society and other fields, and make positive contributions to the worldwide fight against imperialism and colonialism, as well as to global justice causes.

The ECP said it firmly supports the CPC in adopting a series of strong measures to safeguard the national security and unity, as well as people's interests.

South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) party said that the founding of the CPC has historical significance for the Chinese people and the whole world.

Noting that it shares with the CPC the experience of leading their own people in heroic fights against imperialism and colonialism, as well as the good vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, the ANC expressed its willingness to work with the CPC to strive for an earth free from poverty, backwardness and diseases.

The Mexican Workers' Party said that during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the CPC and its leadership have played a significant role, and extended humanitarian assistance to other countries by timely sharing anti-pandemic experience and providing technology and materials.

The party wished the CPC could continue to lead the Chinese people to fight bravely and overcome difficulties in order to make greater achievements, and play a greater leading role in the world.

In its message to the CPC, the Argentine Justicialist Party (AJP) said the two parties enjoy brotherly fraternity and uphold the same vision of serving the interests of the people. The AJP would like to take the opportunity of re-reign to further tighten the relations between the two parties and countries, and push forward the Argentina-China comprehensive strategic partnership to new high.

The party of United Russia said, as history proves, the CPC has a great capability to handle complicated situations and tackle risks and challenges. It would like to deepen mutual understanding and trust with the CPC, consolidate the traditional friendship between the two peoples and broaden practical cooperation between the two sides.

The Communist Party of France said China is now, under the leadership of the CPC, striving to achieve a high-quality growth, build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and realise the aspiration of the people to live a better life. It expressed support to President Xi's vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, and said the world should abandon Cold War mentality, enhance solidarity and cooperation and promote common development.

The European Left party said the CPC has long secured peace and development and upheld the people-centered principle. Through reforms, innovation and long-term plans, the CPC has overcome various difficulties and achieved great accomplishments. Against the backdrop of the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between the European Union and China, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Left expects the international community to engage in active cooperation and abandon all acts of stigmatization.

Many other political parties also expressed warm congratulations on the CPC's 99th anniversary through telephone calls, letters and other means, hoping to continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with the CPC in various fields and contribute to the peace, stability, prosperity and development of their respective countries and the world.

Those parties include the Cambodian People's Party, Iran's Islamic Coalition Party, the Workers' Party of Korea, the Mongolian People's Party, the Philippine Democratic Party-People's Power, the Patriotic Party of Turkey, the Communist Party of Vietnam, Ethiopia's Prosperity Party, the SWAPO Party of Namibia, Tanzania's ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi, Tunisia's People's Movement, the Communist Party of Chile, the Communist Party of Cuba, the Broad Front party of Uruguay, the Hungarian Workers' Party, the Romanian Social Democratic Party, the Serbian Progressive Party, the Vanua'aku Party, the Communist Party of Germany, the Spanish Communist Party, and the Communist Party of Britain. Enditem