Taipei holds cross-Strait art festival on Chinese characters

Source: Xinhua| 2020-09-19 21:55:33|Editor: huaxia

TAIPEI, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- The 2020 Culture Art Festival for Chinese Characters Cross-Strait opened on Saturday in Taipei, attracting audiences with high-profile calligraphy and seal engraving exhibitions and an art carnival.

At the festival, which will end on Oct. 4, a calligraphy and seal engraving artworks exhibition showcases artworks of 200 artists from two sides of the Taiwan Strait, while 100 teenagers present their artworks inspired by Chinese characters at another exhibition, according to the organizer.

The art carnival has also attracted 26 local art groups of calligraphy and seal engraving. Visitors can not only enjoy the artworks but can also learn to write a calligraphy work or engrave a seal themselves in interactive programs.

Chang Song-lian, a Taipei-based calligraphy artist, brought silk scarves she designed to the carnival. The scarves have prints of various styles of calligraphy to show the historical development of Chinese characters.

"My idea of promoting traditional calligraphy is to bring the art into our daily lives," Chang said.

Chang had visited the mainland many times and met her counterparts there. "I have noticed that there is an increasing love of calligraphy and other traditional arts on the mainland. Calligraphy artists are presenting more and more wonderful works there," she said.

Chinese characters have been a symbol of the Chinese nation and also a unique language system that is not only a sign of communication but also an art, said Yeh Chieh-sheng, a visitor to the exhibition.

"It is important for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation that the two sides of the Strait can exchange, and I hope the two sides can work together to carry on our fine tradition," he said. Enditem