It followed a petition to parliament signed by 1.85 million people calling for Prime Minister Theresa May ' s invitation to Trump to be withdrawn .

S . has repeatedly called for fair burden-sharing of NATO defense spending .

Regarding security , Trump put many Europeans ill-at-ease when he called NATO " obsolete " for having been " designed many , many years ago , for not adequately adapting to the threat of terrorism.S . president has frequently praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as a " strong leader " and indicated that a better relationship with the Kremlin might be welcome .Many Europeans will be waiting , like Donald Tusk , to see if American diplomacy will be realized in practice .

The transfers of major weapons in 2012 to 2016 reached their highest volume for any five-year period since the end of the cold war , the think tank said .

The hospitals located in Mosul and its vicinity are no longer able to handle all the wounded in battle efficiently enough, said Andreas von Weissenberg, head of the International Disaster Relief Unit of the Finnish Red Cross .