National People Congress National Committee of CPPCC Annual Sessions 2005
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Chinese NPC agenda for March 14
Quotes about NPC annual sessions -- March 13
NPC agenda for March 13
CPPCC annual session to close Saturday afternoon
NPC, CPPCC agenda for March 12
NPC, CPPCC agenda for March 11

Quotes from Premier Wen's press conference
Premier Wen meets the press
China to unify income tax
Anti-secession law conducive to peace, stability: FM spokesman
Central bank Shanghai branch should play bigger role: governor
Chinese Foreign Minister meets press
Full Text: Report on China's economic and social development plan
Full Text: Report on China's central and local budgets
Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
Full text of Anti-Secession Law
Full text of explanations on draft Anti-Secession Law
Four-point guidelines on cross-Straits relations set forth by President Hu (Full text)
Quotes from Hu's speech to CPPCC members on cross-Straits relations
Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government (7)
Backgrounder: Death penalty in China
Backgrounder: people's congress system, NPC
Backgrounder: legislative powers of NPC, its Standing Committee
Backgrounder: NPC's power of supervision
Backgrounder: "1992 Consensus" on "one-China" principle
Backgrounder: NPC motions and CPPCC proposals
Backgrounder: people's congress system, NPC
Power of supervision of National People's Congress
Legislative powers of NPC, its Standing Committee
Backgrounder: CPPCC sessions, leaders
Premier Wen meets the press
NPC closes annual session
CPPCC has three new vice chairpersons
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3 Latin American countries back China's Anti-Secession Law 03-16 21:32
Kyrgyz govt backs China's anti-secession law 03-16 21:31
Overseas media give positive coverage to China's law 03-16 16:56
Albania supports China's Anti-Secession Law 03-16 16:39
Overseas Chinese communities back Anti-Secession Law 03-16 16:38
3 Caribbean countries back China's anti-secession law 03-15 21:23
Top political advisors hail anti-secession law 03-15 20:11
Chinese community in Sydney support anti-secession law 03-15 20:09
Azerbaijan FM: Uified China benefits world stability 03-15 19:59
Indonesia understands China's adoption of Anti-Secession Law 03-15 19:58
Chinese in Britain back China's anti-secession law 03-15 19:57
Chinese associations in Europe back China's anti-secession law 03-15 19:13
Cambodia backs China's Anti-Secession Law 03-15 19:02
Overseas Chinese in France support China's Anti-Secession Law 03-15 19:02
French media give great, objective coverage to Anti-Secession Law 03-15 18:59
Comoros supports China's Anti-Secession Law 03-15 18:16
Overseas Chinese in Latin America back China's Anti-Secession Law 03-15 17:37
Taiwan MAC slammed for distortion of new law 03-15 17:02
All Filipino-Chinese associations back Anti-Secession Law 03-15 16:54
Cambodian Chinese firmly support Anti-Secession Law 03-15 16:46
Chinese in Germany voice support for Anti-Secession Law 03-15 16:13
Macedonia backs China's anti-secession law 03-15 16:01
Chinese association in US supports China's anti-secession law 03-15 15:47
Russian lawmakers: China has right to safeguard territorial integrity 03-15 15:33
Uzbekistan expresses support for China's position on Taiwan issue 03-15 15:26
Venezuela supports China's anti-secession law 03-15 15:24
Int'l community supports China's anti-secession law 03-15 15:12
Chinese-Thai groups hail enforcement of anti-secession law 03-15 15:07
Govt vows to clean up corruption on land market 03-14 16:55
Premier Wen meets the press 03-14 10:31
Presidential order issued to promulgate Anti-Secession Law 03-14 09:30
Top legislature adopts Anti-Secession Law 03-14 09:28
4 new members added to top military commission 03-14 09:27
China adds four new members to top military commission 03-14 09:23
NPC approves govt work report 03-14 09:11
China's parliament approves government work report 03-14 09:05
China's parliament annual session holds closing meeting 03-14 09:04
Supreme court gets back power of death reviews 03-14 07:54
EU concerned over Chinese textiles 03-13 14:02
Overseas Chinese, foreign media hail Anti-Secession Law 03-13 13:57
Former Party chiefs, head of women's federation enter parliament standing committee 03-13 11:03
Hu Jintao elected state military chief 03-13 10:32
Emergency action urged to keep red fire ants off Beijing 03-13 09:24
Retailing business needs policy support: NPC deputy 03-13 09:19
Parliament urged to enact law to protect minors 03-13 09:18
NPC deputy proposes law on world heritage protection 03-13 09:17
Political advisors show wide-ranging interests in development issues 03-12 21:37
Tung feels honored for being elected vice chairman of CPPCC 03-12 19:46
Political parties find their feet at grassroots 03-12 17:14
CPPCC vows to serve people's fundamental interests 03-12 16:56
Draft Anti-Secession Law ready for vote on Monday 03-12 16:51
National legislature affirms candidate for state CMC 03-12 16:51
Tung Chee Hwa elected CPPCC vice chairman 03-12 16:49
Xinhua NPC, CPPCC annual session news summary 03-12 16:43
CPPCC members endorse Anti-Secession Law: resolution 03-12 16:00
Annual session of China's top advisory body closes 03-12 15:56
CPPCC has three new vice chairpersons 03-12 15:08
CPPCC annual session holds closing meeting 03-12 15:03
Lawmaker proposes legislation against exam fraud 03-12 14:30
China to step up anti-poverty drive 03-12 12:55
Water pollution poses grave challeng 03-12 11:42
Lawmakers mulling rules on AIDS prevention 03-12 11:36
Local government debts detrimental to state treasury 03-12 11:09
Legislator proposes assault on police as an offence 03-12 10:00
Senior Party leaders discuss anti-corruption with lawmakers 03-11 17:14
Beijing's household registration policy unlikely to change 03-11 15:47
Local officials feel great pressure by grim colliery accidents 03-11 12:58
"Hot money" inflow warned 03-11 09:45
Legislator appeals for rules to curb anti-money laundering 03-11 09:10
Hu expected to succeed Jiang as state CMC chairman 03-10 21:45
Parliament special committee adopts cabinet development plan 03-10 21:29
Top adviser calls for "successful completion" of anti-secession law 03-10 21:22
Tung Chee Hwa to attend CPPCC meeting in Beijing 03-10 21:14
Population likely to reach zero growth by 2040 03-10 20:16
Legislator urges formulation of law to protect oil resources 03-10 19:59
Draft Anti-Secession Law revised 03-10 18:55
Government work report to be revised following lawmakers' opinions 03-10 18:52
Tung Chee Hwa announces intention to resign 03-10 17:45
Medicare system called to cover all by 2010 03-10 17:26
Fresh efforts urged to protect women's interests 03-10 17:24
Advisors voice support for anti-secession law 03-10 17:03
China revamps public health system 03-10 16:59
More measures urged to improve coal mine work safety 03-10 16:55
China vows more spending on rural projects 03-10 16:49
"Two-kids" policy for China proposed 03-10 16:06
Chinese enterprises' R&D spending "pathetically" low: report 03-10 15:42
China to spend more to protect cultural heritages 03-10 15:37
Prospect bright for cross-Straits agro-cooperation 03-10 15:20
Cash rewards to boost grain production 03-10 15:13
Banking reform to continue despite scandals: official 03-10 13:11
Govt urged to play greater roles to curb housing price 03-10 11:25
BOCOG president calls for special legislation for 2008 Olympic Games 03-10 11:21
Rules mulled to better protect Great Wall 03-10 11:15
CPPCC members: NGO, an irreplaceable force in harmony-prone drive 03-10 10:01
Corrupt officials seized and punished 03-10 08:45
China hints at death penalty reform 03-10 08:31
Wen urges steady coal supply, work safety 03-09 21:21
China sets long term goals for highway, waterway transportation 03-09 19:48
More efforts pledged to fight corruption 03-09 13:02
Overseas media applaud Hu's speech on Waiwan issue 03-09 11:33
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