National People Congress National Committee of CPPCC Annual Sessions 2005
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Chinese NPC agenda for March 14
Quotes about NPC annual sessions -- March 13
NPC agenda for March 13
CPPCC annual session to close Saturday afternoon
NPC, CPPCC agenda for March 12
NPC, CPPCC agenda for March 11

Quotes from Premier Wen's press conference
Premier Wen meets the press
China to unify income tax
Anti-secession law conducive to peace, stability: FM spokesman
Central bank Shanghai branch should play bigger role: governor
Chinese Foreign Minister meets press
Full Text: Report on China's economic and social development plan
Full Text: Report on China's central and local budgets
Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
Full text of Anti-Secession Law
Full text of explanations on draft Anti-Secession Law
Four-point guidelines on cross-Straits relations set forth by President Hu (Full text)
Quotes from Hu's speech to CPPCC members on cross-Straits relations
Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government (7)
Backgrounder: Death penalty in China
Backgrounder: people's congress system, NPC
Backgrounder: legislative powers of NPC, its Standing Committee
Backgrounder: NPC's power of supervision
Backgrounder: "1992 Consensus" on "one-China" principle
Backgrounder: NPC motions and CPPCC proposals
Backgrounder: people's congress system, NPC
Power of supervision of National People's Congress
Legislative powers of NPC, its Standing Committee
Backgrounder: CPPCC sessions, leaders
Premier Wen meets the press
NPC closes annual session
CPPCC has three new vice chairpersons
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"Beauty economy" questioned at parliamentary session 03-13 21:58
Govt urged to finance rural teachers' paychecks 03-13 16:54
Legislator appeals for 12-year compulsory education program 03-13 16:45
School education should highlight safety, lawmaker 03-13 16:39
Expert: Do not ignore mother tongue 03-13 10:53
Quotes about NPC, CPPCC annual sessions -- March 12 03-12 21:38
Lawmakers focus on legislation concerning food security, education, land-using 03-12 20:17
China to popularize ancient literature overseas 03-11 17:12
Lawmakers urges harsh penalty against officials gambling away public money 03-11 17:11
NPC deputy says young scholars must not neglect mother tongue 03-11 16:47
NPC deputies appeal for sterner penalty for fake goods makers, sellers 03-11 15:22
Advisors call for relocation of govt offices to Beijing suburbs 03-11 11:22
Legislator urges law to protect Yellow River 03-11 11:20
Advisor says mothers needs learning to play their due role 03-11 09:58
Steps to narrow rich-poor gap needed 03-11 08:36
Talent drain hurts children in west region 03-10 10:27
Medical sector in dire need of changes 03-10 08:59
Education void expands wealth gap 03-10 08:37
Expansion of medium-income earners crucial to social harmony 03-09 17:42
Advisor urges to meet youths' cultural needs 03-09 17:37
Enterprises should serve as new cradles for sci-tech innovation 03-09 17:10
Adviser warns against "blind modernization" of medicine 03-09 16:37
Preservation of Yangtze River ecosystem "critical" 03-09 16:26
Advisor urges recruiting HK volunteers for Beijing Olympic Games 03-09 16:25
Farmers hail govt's favorable agricultural policies 03-09 16:23
Military keeps defense modernization under Party's absolute leadership 03-09 15:20
Lawmaker calls for special rehabilitation centers for drug addicts with AIDS 03-09 15:18
CPPCC member urges more time for school children to exercise 03-09 15:14
Quotes about NPC, CPPCC annual sessions -- March 8 03-09 05:47
NPC deputy proposes inking "harmonious society" in Constitution 03-08 16:56
Deputy proposes memorial day for martyrs 03-08 16:06
Defaulting wage payment should be incriminated 03-08 08:58
Advisors urge control of gov't car spending 03-07 20:23
Sending Chinese women into space still needs time 03-07 17:58
Energy bottleneck urges officials to double check costs 03-07 17:27
Lawmakers call on gov't to heed widening gap between east, west 03-07 17:26
Most of Chinese mines menaced by resource exhaustion 03-07 17:10
China's growth mode should be adjusted 03-07 16:48
Advisor warns against huge losses of state assets 03-07 17:18
NPC deputy urges personnel training for Beijing Olympic Games 03-07 11:13
More public holidays suggested to sustain tradition 03-07 09:12
Advisor urges new round of government streamlining 03-07 09:08
Deputy calls for anti-corruption law, independent authorities 03-07 09:05
Calls to clean up medical advertising 03-06 08:42
Vision for developing ties hailed 03-05 08:15
Members happy with responses to proposals 03-04 10:14
Language skills, duty-free zone wanted 03-04 09:42
Beauty industry, a potential job generator: CPPCC member 03-03 21:18
Netizens: Stock market, eliminating graft top concerns in CPPCC, NPC sessions 03-03 11:07
Workers look to "top" pros for protection 03-03 08:23
Survey shows stock market top concern 03-01 09:12
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