Interview: CES can be stage for Chinese companies to showcase themselves: iFLYTEK vice president

Source: Xinhua| 2019-01-13 07:18:11|Editor: xuxin
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LAS VEGAS, the United States, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- "CES can be a stage for iFLYTEK and other Chinese companies to showcase themselves," said Li Chuangang, vice president of iFLYTEK during the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, adding that the Chinese leading Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered speech and language technology provider is proud that their product received the CES Innovation Award this year.

"Aim high with technologies and stand firm with applications, we believe we can use artificial intelligence to build a better world," said Li in an interview with Xinhua on Thursday.

As the largest publicly-listed AI and intelligent speech and language technologies provider in the Asia-Pacific region, iFLYTEK won 12 awards in worldwide voice and AI competitions in 2018, including Blizzard Challenge -- the most authoritative international competition in speech synthesis, SemEval - international workshop on semantic evaluation contest, SQuAD - Stanford Question Answering Dataset challenge, and IWSLT - International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation.

"We are very pleased to display our newly upgraded iFLYTEK Translator 2.0, iFLYREC Series' transcription products, iFLYOS Voice Intelligent Interactive System and our partners' products at CES 2019. We want to show people how artificial intelligence can empower industries and individuals, and add values to scenarios including communication, conferences, offices and so on," he added.

The iFLYTEK Translator 2.0, the 2019 CES Innovation Award honoree in the Tech For A Better World product category, supports translations between Chinese and more than 50 other languages. The product features offline translation, Chinese dialect recognition, built-in professional AI translation, and one-click global internet access to meet the communication needs of users.

The award means that "your product scored highly across all judging criteria, and it joins a small percentage of other products that are given this honor each year," said CES organizer in a letter to iFLYTEK.

According to the company's sales figures, iFLYTEK Translator 2.0 has great advantages in the Chinese-speaking market. Li said that he believes the company will play a greater role in global communications when the newly upgraded products can translate between languages other than Chinese.

"We hope to promote our artificial intelligence technology to a world-class standard, and also create values for our customers," said Li. Since its founding in 1999, the company has grown to occupy over 70 percent of the market share in the Chinese voice technology market.

"We took part in CES for the first time in 2018 and got positive feedback from visitors and customers," Li said.

"We made elaborate preparations for CES this year and consider CES as a great platform to showcase our innovation capacity and communicate with our international partners," he said, noting that the company has put more than 20 percent of its marketing income into research and development for five years in a row.

CES, the world's largest trade show to present new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry, closed Friday, attracting about 4,500 exhibitors and 180,000 attendees in 2019.

iFLYTEK has set up joint laboratories with universities around the world, promoting development in AI research. Meanwhile, the company has also established partnerships with some excellent companies to pool resources together. The company signed strategic cooperation agreement with the International Telecommunication Union in April 2018, according to the company.

"The application of artificial intelligence will affect everyone's life in future, we hope the world can witness the progress of China's AI development and build a better world together," said Li.