Backgrounder: Goals of Belt and Road Initiative

Source: Xinhua| 2017-05-07 11:23:15|Editor: ZD
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BEIJING, May 7 (Xinhua) -- China will host the Belt and Road Forum (BRF) for International Cooperation on May 14 and 15. Following are some goals envisioned by the Belt and Road Initiative.

-- Community of Shared Interests

In a joint effort to build the Belt and Road each country's comparative strengths can be better exploited, and economic complementarity can be better transformed into new drivers of development.

The initiative will rely on wide-ranging international economic cooperation to promote connectivity and facilitate trade and investment. It envisions a world of new economic growth, where win-win strategies are favored.

-- Community of Shared Responsibility

Although the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed by China, participation of other countries along the proposed routes and related countries is indispensable to its implementation.

Divergent national interests and priorities, as well as unforeseen events, could present a serious challenge. Broad-based consultation is therefore essential. Only through joint efforts and shared responsibility can any threat to progress be neutralized.

-- Community of a Shared Future

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, a community of a shared future can be built only on the basis of shared interests and responsibility.

Sustained efforts should thus be made to expand cooperation in the fields of trade and investment, where convergence of interests occurs, and to transform economic complementarity into new drivers of development.

At the same time, all countries should join hands in dealing with international challenges and building a cooperative framework that benefits all.

-- Silk Road of Green Development

Contributing to the goal of sustainable development, and informed by the concept of environmentally friendly development, the Silk Road of green development initiative calls for a careful balance between economic growth and environmental protection, with due consideration given to the ecological carrying capacity of the countries concerned.

Ecological protection, prevention and control of desertification, and clean energy, among others, already feature prominently in strategic planning exercises for implementing the Belt and Road Initiative.

-- Silk Road of Health Cooperation

A Silk Road of health cooperation aims to improve public health in countries along the Belt and Road.

Key measures include increased consultation and exchanges on health policy issues, building institutions, defining international health standards and norms, enhanced cooperation in disease prevention and control, and training and capacity building.

-- Silk Road of Intelligence

The objective of a Silk Road of intelligence is to enhance talent development and exchange of expertise in response to any shortfall of skilled personnel in countries along the proposed Belt and Road.

Any new progress in implementing the initiative will, to be sure, be accompanied by new challenges. Overcoming these challenges requires brainpower and expertise. It is therefore vital for countries to learn from each other and join hands in finding solutions.

-- Silk Road of Peace

A Silk Road of peace rests on two mutually complementary pillars: an environment of relative stability, which is indispensable for the Belt and Road Initiative to thrive; and concerted efforts to build the trade network, which contributes to regional peace and stability.

The aforementioned information was published by the New World Press under the China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration.