Xi expresses confidence in new HK chief executive

Source: Xinhua| 2017-07-01 19:02:54|Editor: An
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Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) meets with Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor shortly after she was sworn in as the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, in Hong Kong, south China, July 1, 2017. (Xinhua/Ma Zhancheng)

HONG KONG, July 1 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping Saturday expressed confidence in the new chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) leading the Asian financial hub to achieve new development.

In their meeting shortly after Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor was sworn in, Xi said he believed Lam can lead the new HKSAR government and all sectors of Hong Kong society to score new achievements in various undertakings.

As Hong Kong marks the 20th anniversary of its return to China, Xi said "great responsibilities and a glorious mission" had fallen on Lam's shoulders.

"Hong Kong people are placing great hopes in you, and the central government also has high expectations for you," Xi told Lam.

He urged Lam to earnestly carry out her duties as the chief executive, implement the "one country, two systems" principle in a comprehensive and accurate manner, and safeguard the authority of the country's Constitution and the HKSAR Basic Law.

Efforts should also be made to further develop Hong Kong's economy, improve the well-being of its people, and maintain the region's prosperity and stability, Xi said.

"The central government will give full support to you and the new HKSAR government to administer Hong Kong according to law and break new ground in the great cause of 'one country, two systems,'" Xi said.

Lam, for her part, said Xi's Hong Kong trip is a symbol of the central government's support for the HKSAR, adding that Xi's speeches will boost confidence in the SAR's future.

She said she will bring into full play Hong Kong's advantages during her five-year term, and "do a good job together with the administrative team under the support of the central government."

After the meeting, Lam accompanied Xi to meet key figures of Hong Kong's executive, legislative, and judicial bodies.

Calling them the "key few," a term Xi has used to refer to leading officials at central, provincial/ministerial and local levels, the president said they constitute the "core force" in implementing the "one country, two systems" principle and the HKSAR Basic Law, and in administering Hong Kong.

They must position themselves at the national level when carrying out their work and dealing with problems, in order to conscientiously protect national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and fulfill their duties to the nation.

"One country, two systems" is a great pioneering initiative unprecedented in human history, Xi said.

He called on them to face up to challenges and take initiatives to ensure comprehensive and accurate implementation of the "one country, two systems" principle, resolve conflicts and difficulties involving the economy and people's well-being which had accumulated over time, and improve youth education on national history and culture.

They should also endeavor to crack down and curb "Hong Kong independence" activities in order to safeguard the overall stability of the Hong Kong society, Xi added.

As a holistic entity, the HKSAR government's administrative team should fully carry out and improve the executive-led system with the chief executive as its core, Xi noted.

He encouraged the team to properly deal with the relationship between executive and legislative bodies so as to ensure the government's smooth and effective governance.

Conscientious efforts should be made to uphold unity of the administrative team and the authority of the chief executive, Xi said, calling on the team to jointly safeguard the credit and prestige of the government as a whole.

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