Huawei roots for cloud computing to boost data security amid hacking threats

Source: Xinhua| 2017-07-27 22:07:19|Editor: Mengjie
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NAIROBI, July 27 (Xinhua) -- Governments and corporations should invest in cloud computing that promises better data storage and retrieval options while protecting it from intrusion by hackers, a Huawei Executive said on Thursday in a commentary published by Kenya's daily newspaper People.

Gao Wenli, the Deputy CEO for Marketing and Solutions at Huawei, said that cloud computing has broken a new ground in the information age by enabling organizations store and access vital data with speed and efficiency.

"Cloud computing is the technology of the future and government departments such as ministry of lands that rely on multiple documents such as reference materials, legal documents and customer data to deliver their services can benefit from such technology," Gao said.

He added that even though cloud computing is not completely immune to cyber attacks; it provides a safer and a more convenient platform for governments and private firms to store data.

"Using cloud based solutions is a more viable alternative compared to traditional methods in terms of security," said Gao, adding that organizations should invest in upgraded cyber defenses as hacking by sophisticated criminal networks escalate.

Cloud computing is yet to be adopted by a critical mass of government departments and corporations globally despite its multiple benefits.

Gao noted that ignorance on benefits unleashed by cloud computing alongside failure by organizations to upgrade their obsolete infrastructure have hampered its uptake.

He disclosed that Huawei has invested in supportive infrastructure and technical expertise to facilitate faster integration of cloud computing in key operations.

"We have devoted resources and time to ensure that our cloud service infrastructure is reliable, secure and agile," said Wenli adding that the Chinese mobile phone company has been offering cloud based solutions tailor made for corporate clients.

The senior executive noted that companies that have adopted cloud computing have been able to promote efficiency in key value chains ranging from supplies, logistics, human resources management and sales.

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta during his trip to China in May signed an agreement with Huawei to help develop government cloud services.

Gao said that Huawei will install cloud infrastructure to enhance migration and sharing of data among government departments in the East African Nation.

"This will mean faster and more efficient government operations, and more user-friendly and integrated services for citizens," Gao said.

He added that cloud computing is an inevitable component of new age technologies that are disrupting key sectors of the economy like manufacturing, transport and financial services.