Backgrounder: Rwanda's Kagame to seek third term in presidential elections

Source: Xinhua| 2017-08-04 06:06:07|Editor: yan
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KIGALI, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- Central African country Rwanda on Friday held its third presidential elections since the end of the ex-genocidal regime in 1994. Incumbent President Paul Kagame is seeking his third term after Rwandans voted in the revised constitution that allows him to seek re-election.

Following are the basic facts about Kagame.

Born in 1957 in Rwanda's Southern Province, Kagame spent 30 years in Uganda as a refugee.

Kagame joined a rebel group led by Yoweri Museveni, who finally became President of Uganda. He then served as a senior military officer under Museveni's government.

In 1990, Kagame returned to Rwanda to lead then rebel group Rwandan Patriotic Front's (RPF). RPF defeated the genocidal government in July 1994 and took power. RPF subsequently set Rwanda on its current course towards reconciliation, nation building and socio-economic development.

Kagame was appointed Vice-President and Minister for Defence in Government of National Unity on July 19, 1994, and four years later was elected Chairman of RPF.

On April 22, 2000, Kagame was sworn in as President after being elected by the Transitional National Assembly.

In 2003, he won a landslide victory in the country's first-ever multi-party elections by winning 95 percent of the vote. He won 93 percent of the vote in 2010's presidential elections and get re-elected.

Kagame is married to Jeannette Nyiramongi, and have four children.