India urged to take seriously China's position document, withdraw trespassing troops

Source: Xinhua| 2017-08-06 07:11:43|Editor: Yamei
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NEW DELHI, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- India has been urged to take seriously China's position document on India's border troops' trespass, and to immediately and unconditionally withdraw the troops.

The document titled "The Facts and China's Position Concerning the Indian Border Troops' Crossing of the China-India Boundary in the Sikkim Sector into the Chinese Territory" was issued by Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

Liu Jinsong, deputy chief of mission of the Chinese Embassy in India, while introducing the document to reporters from local media at a recent press briefing held at the embassy, called for great attention to be paid to the document.

On June 18, over 270 Indian border troops, carrying weapons and driving two bulldozers, crossed the boundary in the Sikkim Sector and advanced more than 100 meters into Chinese territory to obstruct the road building of the Chinese side, causing tension in the area.

The trespassing Indian troops reached as many as 400 people at one point.

Liu said the document, in real earnest as well as from multiple perspectives concerning history, jurisprudence and international relations, among others, gives a full and authoritative account of the position of the Chinese government on the illegal trespass of the Indian border troops.

The document is aimed at helping the international community, including Indian people from all circles of life, understand the facts and truth of the incident, he said, noting that the Indian side has concocted various excuses to justify its illegal action and mislead the public.

"There are still 48 Indian troops and one bulldozer illegally staying in the Chinese territory more than one and a half months after the outbreak of the incident," the Chinese diplomat said.

He told the reporters who were from The Hindu, The Navodaya Times, The Asian Age, Deccan Herald and the Frontline website that China has to once again urge India to immediately and unconditionally pull back its trespassing troops.

He stressed that India should not underestimate the resolve of the Chinese government and people to defend China's territorial sovereignty, saying that by releasing the document, China aims to uphold the principles of international law and basic norms governing international relations.