Commentary: Denuclearizing Korean Peninsula should avoid tricky loop, find political means

Source: Xinhua| 2017-09-15 16:52:29|Editor: Song Lifang
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by Xinhua writer Yu Zhongwen

BEIJING, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- It's time for parties concerned to end the tricky loop on the Korean Peninsula impasse.

Only days after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to impose fresh sanctions on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) over its latest nuclear test, the northeast Asian country reportedly launched again a ballistic missile on Friday.

According to the Japanese government Friday morning, the ballistic missile fired from the DPRK had flown over northern Japan and fallen into the Pacific.

Obviously in defiance of the UN Security Council resolution, the DPRK chose to respond toughly, as usual, to the harsh warnings of the international community.

In order to realize the aim of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, the international community, particularly the parties directly concerned, must not be trapped in an endless loop that nuclear and missile tests trigger tougher sanctions, while the latter instead invites further tests.

To avoid such a vicious circle and to ultimately solve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the parties should seek a peaceful settlement through diplomatic and political means.

Firstly, the international community should implement comprehensively and completely the UN Security Council resolution, which consists of necessary measures regarding the DPRK nuclear test.

Just like what Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said, the resolution reflected the unanimous stance of Security Council members in safeguarding peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in the region, advancing denuclearization on the peninsula and upholding international non-proliferation.

Secondly, the parties concerned, particularly the DPRK and the United States, should not take further moves to deteriorate the situation.

The China-proposed "suspension for suspension" initiative -- the DPRK suspends its missile and nuclear activities in exchange for a halt to large-scale military exercises between the United States and the Republic of Korea (ROK) -- is a practical method to find a breakthrough to solve the Korean Peninsula issue.

Neither the DPRK missile and nuclear tests nor the U.S.-ROK military exercises and the deployment of the U.S. anti-missile Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in the ROK, are conducive to cool down the situation.

Thirdly, the international community should not give up the direction to solve the issue by diplomatic and political means.

In a bid to denuclearize the peninsula and establish a peace mechanism, it's important to find peaceful ways of resolving the Korean Peninsula impasse.

The door to peacefully solving the issue is still open. The parties concerned should genuinely show their political courage, take all opportunities for peace and work together for peace.