Feature: People bid farewell to 4-year-old girl victim of earthquake in Mexico

Source: Xinhua| 2017-09-22 14:49:59|Editor: Xiang Bo
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MEXICO CITY, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Children dressed in white held dozens of balloons and white flowers to bid a final farewell to Naomi Martinez, a 4-year-old girl who died during a 7.1-magnitude earthquake striking Mexico on Tuesday.

In the living room and kitchen of her small home, friends and neighbors received those who came to say goodbye to the child, while her mother and grandparents, visibly affected, remained near her small coffin.

Veronica Gonzalez, a friend of the family, said the girl and her were walking back home from school on Tuesday when the powerful earthquake caused the bell tower of the church of San Gregorio falling down, causing the death of Naomi and the amputation of one of her father's feet.

Through a path covered with white flowers, Naomi's body was carried to the church of San Andres, where a mass was held in her honor, as people gathered outside, ready for escorting the family to a local cemetery.

During the mass, several residents who remained outside the church due to lack of space commented that they were grateful for the help received from volunteers and rescue workers after the quake. However, they are yet not sure if it is enough, because many residents in the quake-stricken area are in great need of food.

One woman said it was impossible for the majority of the population to have access to basic groceries, as prices have risen three or four times above the normal value due to high demand.

Some of the people who live in neighborhoods far from the central area, were unaware that in the center of San Gregorio Atlapulco free food and water were offered as part of the donations to relieve those affected by the earthquake.

During Naomi's funeral, Gonzalez pleaded to help the girl's family, now that her father's health is in serious condition and it is unknown if he has totally gone out of risk. The father is currently receiving psychological help at the hospital because he feels desperate and deeply saddened by the death of his daughter which he considers was his fault.

The death toll from the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico on Tuesday noon has risen to 273 on Thursday, half of which occurred in the country's capital of Mexico City, according to the Mexican government.