This year, how do people celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

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BEIJING, Oct. 4 (Xinhuanet) -- The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, when Chinese celebrate family reunion and autumn harvest, falls on Oct. 4 this year.

Listed as an intangible culture heritage by the Chinese government in 2006, the Mid-Autumn Festival is surrounded by both customs and myths.

The most well-known myth is associated with Chang'e, known as the Chinese Moon Goddess, a symbol of Chinese people's moon worship.

Chang’e has a pet named Yutu (Jade Rabbit). "Guang Han Gong" is the palace that houses Chang'e and Yutu.

Mid-Autumn Festival is an occasion for family gatherings. Traditional celebrations include lantern shows, sharing mooncakes, admiring the full moon, and solving riddles.

Pupils from Shuinan Elementary School of Songxi County, southeast China's Fujian Province paint on stones, Sept. 27, 2017, to greet the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Oct. 4 this year. (Xinhua/Peng Zhangqing)

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