Hamas says to "wipe out" existence of Israel

新华社| 2017-10-20 01:42:14|Editor: Mu Xuequan
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GAZA, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- Chief of Islamic Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip Yehya Sinwar said Thursday his movement would not discuss the question of recognizing Israel but how to "wipe out" its existence.

"The time is over for the discussion on whether to recognize Israel. Now the discussion is on when we will erase it and wipe out its existence," said Sinwar.

Sinwar made the remarks in a meeting with Palestinian youths in Gaza earlier on Thursday to talk about the implementation of the recent reconciliation deal Hamas signed in Cairo with Fatah.

He also called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to visit the coastal enclave soon and to meet Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) executive committee in Gaza.

He went on saying that Hamas had made its decision and would not retreat, adding that "from now and then, Hamas will not be one of the two parties of internal Palestinian division."

Last week, Egypt brokered a reconciliation agreement between the two biggest Palestinian rivals. Leaders of the two groups signed the deal that enables Abbas consensus government to take over control of Gaza.

"The only winner of making reconciliation and ending internal division is our people and we are ready to make more and more concessions for this sake," said Sinwar.

Before signing the agreement, Hamas dissolved a controversial administrative committee which ruled the Gaza Strip to enable the consensus government of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah to fully function in the region.

Hamdallah, his cabinet ministers and security chiefs visited Gaza two weeks ago and held its weekly cabinet meeting. After the cabinet meeting, Hamas announced that the Gaza Strip is under the full mandate of the government.