UN Security Council extends authorization of EU-led force in Bosnia

Source: Xinhua| 2017-11-08 10:36:20|Editor: liuxin
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UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday extended the authorization of an EU-led peacekeeping force in Bosnia-Herzegovina for another year.

The 15-member council unanimously adopted Resolution 2384, which re-authorizes European Union Force Althea (EUFOR ALTHEA) and the NATO presence in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The resolution recognizes the right of both EUFOR ALTHEA and the NATO presence to take all necessary measures to defend themselves from attacks or threats of attacks.

It also authorizes UN member states, upon request, to take all necessary measures to defend both EUFOR ALTHEA and the NATO presence, and to assist both organizations in carrying out their missions.

The resolution urges all parties in the country to step up the implementation of comprehensive reforms in an inclusive manner to the benefit of all citizens and in line with the country's aspiration to join the European Union.

In this regard, the resolution calls on parties to refrain from any polarizing policy, action and rhetoric.

Briefing the Security Council, Valentin Inzko, high representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina, expressed concern while recognizing progress in state institutions and the integration of the military forces.

"As progress in economic and political reforms has significantly slowed down over the last 10 years, divisive nationalism and persistent challenges to the (Dayton) Peace Agreement and the institutional arrangements provided for under that agreement have threatened to take the country backwards," he told the council.

"For this reason, I am firmly convinced that there is still the necessity to maintain the EU military force on the ground with an executive mandate."

The Dayton Peace Agreement signed on Dec. 14, 1995 in Paris put an end to the three-and-a-half-year long Bosnian war.

The country has been divided into a Bosnian Serb republic and a Muslim-Croat federation since 1995.