Interview: Chinese leadership can help world to progress: Fijian expert

Source: Xinhua| 2017-11-14 11:06:50|Editor: Liangyu
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SUVA, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- China has an important role to play in world economic order and the Chinese leadership has the ability not only in realizing its goal of developing into a great modern nation but also in helping the rest of the world progress, a Fijian expert told Xinhua on Tuesday.

"Being one of the world's major countries and economies, China has an important role to play in world economic order and it does. China has substantially increased its contributions in issues like global economic governance, financial and development aid, climate change, and globalization to increase trade, particularly in terms of bilateral and multilateral relations, and obviously in other areas of mutual interest," Keshmeer Makun, a lecturer at the Fiji National University's School of Economics, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua.

Makun, who ever studied in China's Dongbei University of Finance and Economics for more than three years, said that he was deeply impressed by China's rapid economic development and believed that China will positively impact the world.

"China is not at all what I had expected it to be when I first decided to go in 2013, my first visit. However, after spending a couple of years there, I would say that China is in transition...from a 'closed economy' in the past to 'a country with endless opportunities' and from coast to inland, nothing appears to be left untouched," he said.

"China is now a major country in the world with an economy that drives global growth and an international status of growing importance and influence. So we should also pay close attention as the world will be impacted either directly or indirectly by the domestic and foreign policies of the Communist Party of China (CPC) that just held its 19th National Congress."

Makun attributed China's success to the "robust and confident leadership and guidance of the CPC."

"The secret appears to be the robust and confident leadership and guidance of the CPC."

"In addition, social and political stability and supply-side structural reforms that brings better quality, higher efficiency and more strong drivers of economic growth also appears to play a critical role. This is not only important for large developing countries like China but also for all small developing countries in the world," he said.

"The 19th CPC National Congress is unique and comes at a critical time not only for China but also for the world," he said.

"It has come at a time when China is going through a critical stage of finalizing the dream of building a moderately prosperous society as well as the crucial time of further development of socialism with Chinese characteristics," he said.

On the domestic front, China has in the last five years lifted more than 60 million people out of poverty, he said.

On the international front, China has provided a blueprint for global development under the Belt and Road Initiative which will have a transformative effect on Asia and the world, Makun said.

"The Belt and Road Initiative will also play a key role in bringing together Pacific island countries to the world's second largest economy," he said.

"It will enable Fiji and other Pacific island countries to tap into new markets for their products," he said.

He pointed out that China is a country full of enterprises and opportunities for the rest of the world. Other countries, small or large, are trying to integrate with China at a fast pace. Fiji needs to do the same.

"It is encouraging to note that in recent years Fiji has quite effective engagements with China than it had 20 years ago. As a result, China has provided substantial economic help to Fiji. However, as we continue to understand China, I think Fiji can gain a lot almost in every area of cooperation," he said.

For the rest of the world, he said, China is committed to building a community of shared destiny for the mankind.

"This in itself is a good message to the world on how China intends to move forward and will have huge impact on the rest of the world's economy," Makun said.

He also praised the Chinese leaders for being "firm advocates of globalization and multilateralism, and wanting to have win-win relationship with all the countries across the world."

The Fijian expert believed that China is on a peaceful rise and its prospect will be bright.