China-made environment-friendly bicycle set to hit African market

Source: Xinhua| 2017-12-05 04:58:54|Editor: yan
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NAIROBI, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese made bicycle which is convenient for short urban trips while reducing congestion and the city's urban carbon footprint is set to be launched in Africa.

Developed by Mobike Technology Limited, a bicycle sharing service through the use of smartphone apps reduces congestion, and continually strives to improve the quality of city life.

Florian Bohnert, head of Global Partnerships at the Mobike Technology Limited, said in Nairobi on Monday that the company will launch in Nairobi next year and thereafter launch in other African countries.

"We intend to introduce the bicycle in the continent once we sign an agreement with Nairobi city authorities to help solve the problem in the city," Bohnert told Xinhua in an interview on the sidelines of the UN Environment Assembly underway in Nairobi.

He said the bikes are environmentally good for the health and environment because they reduce pollution and congestion in the cities.

"The bicycles saves space since one car is equivalent to 10 bicycles and they are convenient and faster," he noted.

Bohnert revealed that his firm provides the bicycles and the technology that incorporates simcards and Global Positioning System (GPS), a space-based navigation system that provides the location where the bike is and the time it is seen there.

The GPS and the sim card connect the bike to the platform and also unlock it before the user takes a ride.

He added that the bikes are durable, tubeless and lasts four years without maintenance, as well as help reduce air pollution.

At the end of their ride, users will be able to return the bike to a designated Mobike preferred location or any regular bike parking area.

"The cities need to invest money in additional cycle lanes on their roads, acquire that data and be advised on where to launch," he added.

The bike can help the African cities make income as the user's simple download the app and use the bikes at their convenience.

"We work closely with local authorities in 200 cities in 12 countries where we have 8 million bicycles that have help solved transport problems in the countries," Bohnert added.

The bicycles are already being used in the cities of China, the United States, Germany, Italy, Singapore and so on.

Bohnert said the fee is accommodative because the company wants many people to adopt the new environmental friendly transportation system.

UN Environment Executive Director Erik Solheim and Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Liu Xianfa on Sunday launched a bicycle ride in Nairobi city that was attended by hundreds of international and local riders to raise awareness of the role of sustainable urban transportation in reducing air pollution.

Solheim said it was time to redesign the roads and embrace pathways where city dwellers could easily walk and ride their bikes as this helps reduce air pollution and also keep them physically fit.

The Beijing based company is currently exhibiting their bicycles at the ongoing United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA).

Delegates attending the third UNEA conference have been enjoying a leisurely bike ride to show how the world is ready for more sustainable transportation methods and share-the-road initiative.