The real Yu Gong chisels water channels across cliffs

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Huang Dafa (Source: Yuan Qingpan/China Daily)

The 81-year-old spent 36 years persuading and then leading villagers to chisel about 10 kilometers of irrigation channels into the vertical sides of three karst mountains.

Droughts below puckered the soil and left residents with just enough drinking water.

Villagers forging the waterway sometimes had to hike to the top of the ascendable side of the mountains, tie themselves to trees and rappel down sheer-sometimes-concave-cliff faces.

The peaks stood in the way of the water source nearest Caowangba village on the outskirts of Guizhou province's Zunyi city.

So, like the ancient Yu Gong, Huang grabbed a shovel-and made the impossible possible.

It was not only difficult but also dangerous.

Huang was the first to lash himself to a tree trunk at the top of a 300-meter-high cliff and take a leap of faith over the edge, he says.

"If I didn't, nobody else dared."

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