Interview: China's Belt and Road Initiative brings regional stability: Palestinian official

Source: Xinhua| 2017-05-09 02:03:37|Editor: yan
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by Fatima AbdulKarim

RAMALLAH, May 8 (Xinhua) -- Nearly two weeks before heading to Beijing for the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Palestinian Secretary General of Presidency Tayeb Abdelrahim said on Sunday that China's involvement in the region can bring stability in addition to economic prosperity.

"The successes that the Belt and Road Initiative will achieve with the states in the region will allow friendly China to enhance its relations with states in the region and increase its role in finding a resolution for the issues and crises in the Middle East," said Abdelrahim in an interview with Chinese media.

He explained that the philosophy of the Chinese foreign relations is based on mutual interest and trust.

"Based on the fact that one cannot separate economy and politics, we look forward to an in-depth Chinese involvement in helping with the completion of the infrastructure of the Palestinian state, which is our main concern," he noted.

The senior Palestinian official said Palestinians and Chinese officials are discussing about forming a joint governmental committee that would look into the needs of both sides.

He highlighted that there are more areas of cooperation than politics, particularly sectors like tourism, agriculture and industry.

"I still see that the cooperation of both countries should include investments in the field of developing infrastructure in Palestine and the field of training for more Palestinian cadres," he said.

"Ancient China largely attracted the world through the Silk Road, which attracted the attention of the whole world back then. However, today, the world has changed, and the Silk Road has become the road for industry, agriculture, exchange of know-how and training and the road of opening the markets equally for all and the road to helping developing countries," said Abdelrahim, explaining how he views the Belt and Road Initiative.

"Building a new Silk Road must be based on amicability, peace and mutual benefit among peoples all along the route. The large population along the route can make this innovative initiative a success," he added.

He said the stronger China's involvement in the region is, the bigger the role it can play in the region toward peace.

"Previous experiences have proved and new experiences will also prove that the power of China will be a power of justice and rights," affirmed Abdelrahim, the close aide of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.