"Chinese fever" on rise among European youth

Source: Xinhua| 2017-05-12 22:48:27|Editor: MJ
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WARSAW, May 12 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese language is a bridge for communication, helping more young Europeans who love China and Chinese culture fulfill their "Chinese dream."

During the 2017 "Chinese Bridge," an international Chinese language competition for students held in the UK last month, one of the participants, Gabriel Mayoral-Galindo, made a fluent speech in Chinese about the country.

"We are very envious of China's infrastructure and development speed. Every time I go to Shanghai, there is a new skyscraper, which is incredible and proves the speed of development in China," he said.

Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, said during the competition that the fact that "Chinese fever" has continued to heat up in the British Isles is rooted in the richness of the Chinese civilization and the incredible changes in contemporary China. It is also a result of the steady development of Sino-British relations.

As far as young foreigners who study Chinese are concerned, their ideals not only limited to mastering Chinese and understanding the Chinese culture. They also want to use the Chinese language as a tool to take advantage of the Belt and Road cooperation, establish a bridge for communication between China and the outside world, and work together for mutual benefits.

Izabela from Poland is currently pursuing advanced Chinese at south China's Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. She is particularly interested in the exchanges and cooperation in various fields between China and Poland.

"The communication between Poland and China is increasing. I hope that I can master the Chinese language well and have enough abilities to promote friendly business between the two countries. I also hope that more Chinese visitors will travel to Poland."

Giuseppe from Italy works at a community supermarket in London as a cashier. Having studied Chinese at a Confucius Institute, he is able to communicate with the Chinese customers he meets during his work.

The Chinese people he met were very friendly, he said, and he hopes for an opportunity to go to China to live, and to witness the rapid development of the country.

Chen Tongdu, representative of Hanban Europe, told Xinhua that many Chinese language lovers decide to learn the language due to the prospect of opportunity in China, followed by a love of Chinese culture. Many people have already mastered Chinese and gone to China to develop their own business.

"In recent years, following further implementation of Belt and Road initiative, economic and trade cooperation has also led to a more frequent exchange in the fields of education and culture between China and Poland," said He Juan, head of the education department at the Chinese Embassy in Poland.

He said a large number of Polish students have gone to China to study. "The number of Polish students who strive for the possibility to study abroad by applying for various scholarships in China has exceeded 400 this year."