Britain to draft guildlines for leaving European Court jurisdiction

Source: Xinhua| 2017-08-23 19:11:03|Editor: Yurou
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LONDON, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- One of the most important of the five British government Brexit position papers will on Wednesday reinforce Britain's message that it will leave the European Court of Justice (CJEU).

The latest position paper on a future partnership with the European Union (EU) will emphasize that it is not necessary or appropriate for the CJEU to have direct jurisdiction over a non-member state, and will say that such an arrangement would be unprecedented.

The paper will specifically explore enforcement of rights and obligations, and look at both judicial and political dispute resolutions in a post-Brexit Britain.

As Britain is a member of the 28-state European Union, the CJEU has been the top court in the British legal system.

A British government spokesperson said on Tuesday:"We have long been clear that in leaving the EU we will bring an end to the direct jurisdiction of the CJEU in the UK."

The government paper will provide examples of existing ways of resolving disputes in international agreements, without the CJEU having direct jurisdiction in Britain.

The paper will also be clear that as part of a deep and special partnership Britain seeks with the EU, it is in the interests of both sides that the rights and obligations agreed between the two can be relied upon and enforced easily, for example, by EU citizens in British courts, or British nationals in the courts of EU member states.