"Giro Drag Race" brings together lovers of bicycles and speed in BiH capital

Source: Xinhua| 2017-08-28 09:40:50|Editor: Yurou
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SARAJEVO, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- For the third time in a row, the race of acceleration on bicycles "Giro Drag Race" brought lovers of bicycles and speed to the Bosnia and Herzegovina's (BiH) capital Sarajevo on late Sunday afternoon.

At the Wilson's Promenade, one of the most famous and biggest promenades here, 32 cyclists raced on the 200 meters track and fought for a valuable prize. This year, organizers changed the track, so the participants had to cross a double distance with turning on a half of the track.

Before the competition, 16 pairs were drawn randomly and each contestant was given an opponent where he or she needed to compete on the 100 meters long track, then turn on the half, and fastly ride to the finish line. After an hour long race, first place was taken by Kolar Kamer, second place by Abdulah Karisik, and third place by Loren Keserovic.

National champion Emir Hulusic told Xinhua that this acceleration race is unique in the Balkans region and gives everyone the opportunity to compete, no matter if he or she is a professional or an amateur.

"We have decided to organize an acceleration race that is unique and it is not held anywhere in the Balkans region. Everyone could apply, and without any licenses and free of charge," the team manager of the Giro di Sarajevo association Hulusic told Xinhua.

After months of preparations on the electric bike in his apartment, Keserovic won the third place, but, as he said, could have finished within top two if he had not had some bike malfunction.

"Unfortunately, I had some problems with my bike, so I had to use my friend's, I could drive better, but I will definitely apply next year as well," after the race Keserovic told Xinhua.

Another participant Amer Kocic told Xinhua that he is happy because he could apply, even though he is not a professional and that he does not have a very expensive bicycle.

"I really wanted to try this acceleration race as well, this is a unique event here, and I am glad that I participated. I was not physically ready, and this is my first time that I participate, several years later, maybe I become professional too," said Kocic.

Some hundreds of Sarajevo residents and tourists watched the Giro Drag Race, enjoyed free drinks, music and experienced the adrenaline of acceleration in the center of Sarajevo.