ZTE presents revolutionary 5G developments in Hungary

Source: Xinhua| 2017-09-13 04:37:16|Editor: yan
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BUDAPEST, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese telecommunication firm ZTE Corporation presented the details of its revolutionary 5G developments on Tuesday here on ZTE Innovation Day.

5G is going to be the next big leap in information technology, according to the Chinese firm.

"From the end-user's side, there is a huge difference that you will be able to feel, because under the 5G, the technology can change the living style of people, the whole world will be connected and the internet speed will be much, much faster," Liu Xiaokang, CEO of ZTE Hungary told Xinhua.

As a revolutionary technology in the communication development history, 5G will make the Internet of Everything become possible, which means that people and people, people and things, and things and things can be connected anytime and anywhere, according to ZTE.

"The lives of everyone will be deeply influenced. Year 2017 to 2018 will be an important transitional stage in the 5G development history, during which the 5G technology will advance to network practice from a technical standard, laying the foundations for subsequent commercial applications. However, there are many indefinite challenges, which may be short-term, long-term, local or global, in the process of 5G development," ZTE predicts.

The 5G-commercialization process can be enhanced through promoting harmonization of standards, strengthening technological innovation, and promoting cross-industry cooperation.

"I do believe that ZTE has the advantage of leading the 5G development in the future", Liu told Xinhua, "We have huge investment in the last five years in the development of 5G," he added.

5G will be available in most of the advanced countries by 2020, but according to Liu, it could arrive sooner.

"I think it can be earlier than 2020, because we already have it on trial in Japan, and we have also set up the foundations to continue research in Japan," he said.

The CEO said that the new system would affect big data, pictures storage in cloud systems, and much more.

Hungary is also looking forward to the arrival of 5G. In June, the founding statement of the 5G-coalition was signed here in Hungary.

Forty-six representatives of the government, market players, professional organizations, industrial advocacy organizations and the universities declared a joint aim to develop the fifth-generation mobile technology and to launch it successfully and quickly in Hungary.

Christopher Mattheisen, chief executive officer of Magyar Telekom (Hungarian Telekom, group of Deutsche Telekom), stated that the world would change a bit over the next few years, as the 5G is almost an evolutionary jumper in mobile technology.

Thanks to the involvement of market players and the government, Hungary can become a European hub for 5G developments, all conditions have to be taken to exploit and preserve the competitive advantage, according to him.