Vienna Philharmonic orchestra to perform in China

Source: Xinhua| 2017-10-03 19:58:21|Editor: Yang Yi
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VIENNA, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- The best team of Vienna Philharmonic orchestra will be taken to China, the new chair of the orchestra said.

Speaking to Xinhua, Daniel Froschauer, also a violinist, said the particular characteristics of the orchestra, which include its signature sound, are what give it its standing among the top orchestras of the world.

The orchestra is scheduled to visit China in October. Froschauer said he always looks forward to playing to Chinese audiences, who have a very strong appreciation for classical music.

While part of the 148-person strong Vienna Philharmonic will have to remain at home to fulfill other duties, Froschauer said its "best team" would make the trip to China, himself included.

"I think based on the program it should be an excellent success," he said.

Many prominent orchestras are making trips to China, including the Viennese and Berliner orchestras, and prominent U.S. ones.

Froschauer said the orchestra will be taking a top selection of music, of "our culture," to the concerts in China, including Ein Heldenleben from Richard Strauss, Liebestod from the Tristan and Isolde opera from Richard Wagner, along with several symphonies from Ludwig van Beethoven.

"One also does not need to understand a language to appreciate the music, and while everyone hears the same melodies, they will all take them in slightly differently, and visualize things in their own way," he added.

Froschauer said Chinese orchestras, such as the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, had progressed very well in the past 20 years. He noted many Chinese musicians obtained education and experience abroad, and brought it back with them to China.