Californian youths turn theme park's Halloween event violent: local media

Source: Xinhua| 2017-10-31 09:26:51|Editor: Mengjie
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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- About 100 young people turned a Halloween bash violent at a theme park about 60 km southeast of downtown San Francisco, where visitors were beaten up or even robbed, local TV reports said Monday.

The chaos occurred at the Santa Clara amusement park, called Great America, over the weekend, and police have arrested two suspects on suspicion of theft and public assault, the reports said.

Police said they received eyewitness reports that about 100 teens and young adults were harassing, robbing and assaulting guests during the weekend Halloween event, which was attended by thousands of visitors.

Many visitors were frightened and fled in panic, local media quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

"Got punched in the face, evacuated out from mazes and it was just all bad," @dancerallim wrote on Twitter.

"First we thought it was part of the show, but then they told us to run for our lives," another visitor tweeted.

Police were quoted as saying that the trouble-makers fled or blended into the crowd amid darkness before police officers arrived.

Great America is a theme park with thrill rides, water attractions and live entertainment.