Macron vows "general mobilization" for better life in marginalized districts

Source: Xinhua| 2017-11-15 05:28:48|Editor: Zhou Xin
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PARIS, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday unveiled "a plan of general mobilization" for better life in marginalized districts in the country.

Improvement of public services, including health, education and housing in addition to incentives to encourage recruitment of poor skilled jobseekers in sensitive cities are the pillar measures in the social plan unveiled by the French president during his visit on Tuesday Tourcoing, one of the poorest cities in northern France.

The plan of "general mobilization", according to Macron, aimed at "bringing back the common law in the districts so that everyone has access to the same services...and restore this minimal base which has sometimes been forgotten."

"Those who live in the poorest cities are children of the Republic, they have the same success as others," Macron added.

In order to fight social headaches as "poverty, a social exclusion are always present," the French president said, vowing to "guarantee the dignity of everyone" and "reduce discrimination" by tracking "employers who do not respect the law that prohibits discrimination in hiring and promotion."

Working to promote access to employment for all, the head of state pledged to offer companies incentives of 5,000 euros (5,895 U.S. dollars) per year over three years for proposing permanent contracts to people from poor districts and 2,500 euros per year over two years for a fixed-term contract of more than six months.

Furthermore, he promised 10 billion euros for urban renovation, deploy more police in zones where drug trafficking and smuggling are frequent due to poverty and high unemployment rate.

"You understood it. I do not want to propose tools, measures. I want this plan of general mobilization that we build it together, we act together because it is also this moral renovation which our neighborhoods need. And what I want to give back to cities, is obviously results," Macron stressed. (1 euro = 1.179 U.S. dollar)