France stresses its role in preventing war between Lebanon, Israel

Source: Xinhua| 2018-03-07 17:29:53|Editor: Lifang
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BEIRUT, March 7 (Xinhua) -- France's Ambassador to Lebanon Bernard Foucher stressed that his country's participation in the United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFI) aims at preventing a new war between Lebanon and Israel and strengthening security in the region, the National News Agency (NNA) said Wednesday.

"We are present in south Lebanon to strengthen security and prevent the outbreak of wars threatening the region and the world," Foucher said during a reception organized by the French embassy in Beirut on Tuesday evening.

The diplomat said that in the south of Litani, the goal of the international community remained so that the Lebanese government could progressively exercise full sovereignty over the entire territory.

"It is wrong to think that France is not doing enough for Lebanon; France has always supported the Lebanese," he said.

"As we approach Rome II conference, our gathering will be a symbol of our commitment to a united and strong Lebanese state," the French diplomat said.