China sends Su-35 fighter jets for island patrol

Source: Xinhua| 2018-05-11 23:16:03|Editor: yan
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GUANGZHOU, May 11 (Xinhua) -- The People's Liberation Army (PLA) air force conducted patrol circling China's island of Taiwan on Friday.

Su-35 fighter jets flew over the Bashi Channel in formation with the H-6Ks for the first time, marking a new breakthrough in island patrol patterns, said Shen Jinke, spokesperson for the PLA air force.

"The coordinated operation of Su-35 fighters and H-6K bombers has created a strong combat system under high-sea conditions, which is crucial to dealing with security threats at sea, effectively managing crises, deterring and winning wars," said military expert Wang Mingzhi.

It marks an important improvement in real battle military training by the air force, Wang added.

The Eastern Theater Command and Southern Theater Command sent forces to conduct coordinated actions during the patrol.

Two groups of H-6Ks conducted the circling patrol, one group clockwise and the other counter-clockwise.

KJ-2000 airborne early warning aircraft and Su-35 and J-11 fighter jets flew over the Bashi Channel and Miyako Strait regions to accompany the bombers.

The air force will continue to carry out patrols circling the Taiwan island using multi-type combat aircraft in accordance with an established plan, Shen said.

"The air force has the resolve, the confidence, and the ability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity," Shen said.