China, EU should work together for better globalization: envoy

Source: Xinhua| 2018-06-10 17:09:16|Editor: Lu Hui
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BRUSSELS, June 10 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) and China should work together for a better globalization, Chinese envoy to the EU has said in a speech earlier this week.

In his remarks at the breakfast meeting on Thursday co-hosted by the Center for European Reform, an European think tank, and Kreab, a global consulting company, Ambassador Zhang Ming, head of the Chinese Mission to the EU, shed light on how to save globalization and appealed to the EU to join hands with China to buck unilateralism.

With a head-on approach, the ambassador admitted that globalization has been accompanied by some problems.

"Some people do not feel safe, happy or fulfilled enough. Some governments are becoming more inward-looking and protectionist to push back against globalization," he enumerated, adding, "Some even go as far as to blame globalization for challenges like regional conflicts, refugees, and terrorism."

Despite the ill effects in parallel with globalization, Zhang stressed, "it is unfair to turn a blind eye to the fact that globalization has facilitated movement of personnel, goods and technology."

He also dismissed the claim which attributes "all the problems we are having now to globalization".

To ram his point home, Zhang quoted an old Chinese saying which goes "a wise man cannot choose the time that he lives in, but he can choose how to adapt".

"In the face of difficulty, the right approach is to come together and rise to the challenge, and do our best to make globalization more dynamic, inclusive and sustainable," he said.

Zhang, who has held the post since last October, said his first-hand experience has convinced himself that China and the EU have extensive common interests and have a joint responsibility in addressing global challenges.

Noting that unilateralism is on the rise in the international landscape, Zhang said China and the EU, bearing in mind the rules-based global order, should "stand up together with a clear voice to say no".

"Rules keep things in order. It is simply unacceptable to sacrifice rules for selfish interests. If we fail to prevent such a thing from happening or even choose to keep silent, global governance or even stability would be at risk," said Zhang.

Zhang added: "In settling trade disputes, China not only tries to protect its own legitimate interests but also tries to preserve the principle of multilateralism and the rules-based global order."

"In this regard, China and the EU have shared commitment, shared interests, and more importantly, shared responsibility," he observed.

The ambassador also called for public goods to the benefit of all, citing the Belt and Road Initiative as a good example.

"It is in such a spirit that China put forward the Initiative, aiming to promote connectivity, share opportunities, and bring about common prosperity," he said.

Some Europeans cast a skeptical eye at the Initiative, seeing it as China's geopolitical tool.

In a move to ease such concerns, the ambassador underlined that China "has no intention to do geopolitical calculations, seek exclusionary blocs or impose any business deals on others".

"We hope to consult and join forces with Europe to turn the Initiative into a cooperation platform for the wider international community and to deliver benefits to as many people as possible," he said.