Venezuela publishes timetable for local elections

Source: Xinhua| 2018-07-14 14:12:48|Editor: mmm
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CARACAS, July 13 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan electoral authorities on Friday published the definitive timetable for the elections of the country's 335 municipal councils to be held on December 9.

The timetable stipulates that the National Electoral Council (CNE) will hold a special stage to modify and extend the Venezuelan electoral registry, which will take place from July 23 to August 23.

After the registration stage, the preliminary electoral registry will be catalogued between August 24 and September 3, prior to its approval and publication on September 4.

The electoral registry will display the database of Venezuelans who are eligible and will be audited on September 7 in the presence of representatives from the political parties.

The CNE undertakes audits before, during and after each electoral process.

The audits will be carried out on all aspects of the election including voter data, voting machines, data aggregation software and identity verification technology.

The CNE is making provisions for international observation stations set up from December 5 to 11, so that audits can be observed.

The election campaign will run from November 22 to December 7 during which images of the candidates and political parties will be promoted through media and advertised in the streets.

On November 11, an election drill will take place to test the robustness of the system. The election schedule concludes on February 8, 2019 with an investigation into campaign spending.

During the election in December, a total of 4,900 councilors and their deputies will be elected.