Israeli cyber company claims Iran spies on IS supporters, Kurds

Source: Xinhua| 2018-09-13 02:57:40|Editor: yan
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JERUSALEM, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Israeli cybersecurity company Check Point on Wednesday claimed in a report that it uncovered an Iranian espionage operation against Kurdish minorities and supporters of Islamic State (IS) group in Iran.

According to Check Point's cyber investigators, some 240 mobile phone users, mainly android, belonging to the Kurdish minority in Iran and supporters of IS were tempted to install applications or access the links.

The monitoring includes geographical location of users, contacts and messages on the device, search history, voice recordings, photos and videos.

In the case of IS, the application downloaded background of the organization's supporters. In the case of the Kurds, there was a fake website that simulated the Kurdish news agency "ANF NEWS."

The cyber investigators noted that the Kurdish fake website is very similar to a Hebrew-language news website which was set by Iran.

According to Check Point, these Iran's capabilities have existed since 2016, and the motivation for such operation reflects the involvement of officials, including the Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

The company said these espionage programs are used by the Iranian regime to act not only against minorities but against Iranian citizens, which could pose a threat to the stability of the regime.