Pic story: 46-year-old woman battles against disability, poverty

Source: Xinhua| 2018-10-19 08:09:05|Editor: Yang Yi
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Fu Fanping picks apples at an orchard in Shangzhuang Village of Yunyan Township in Yicuan County, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Oct. 15, 2018. Fu Fanping, a 46-year-old villager of YIshi Village in Yichuan County, strides ahead in the battle against disability and poverty. She has established an online store on her own, selling agricultural products of apple, pear and the like. Fu got disfigured and disabled in an accidental fire in 1990 that killed four of her beloved relatives, in which her hands were badly hurt. Fu once felt her life was in despair. But after a long struggle, she decided to strive for a better life. She raised sheep, planted trees, did small business and just everything she could to make a better life for her family. In 2015, she was enlightened by the e-commerce boom after receiving a training course. She opened an online store selling local specialties like apples and pears. Taking photos, writing product introductions and keeping contact with customers, She did everything on her own. Her endeavors paid off, as the sales of her e-commerce business have been rising year after year. She believes by persisting effort, she can reach her goals and make the impossible possible. Fu has also set up a poverty-alleviation base for disabled people to support them to find employment. "I hope to inspire more disabled people to get rid of poverty," said Fu. (Xinhua/Liu Xiao)

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