Technological advances bring sweeping changes to China's Inner Mongolia over past 40 years

Source: Xinhua| 2018-12-07 15:37:45|Editor: Yamei
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A herdsman checks the automatic drinking system in Otog Banner, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, July 28, 2017. Over the past 40 years, technological advances have brought sweeping changes to the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which occupies more than 12 percent of China's land area. Technologies ranging from automatic feeding and drinking machines to smart fences and remote-controlled irrigation systems have not only made the lives of herdsmen easier but also raised their incomes and freed many people from a life of drudgery. Changes in housing and transportation have also occurred. Houses specially designed by architects for nomads are equipped with thermal insulating walls and a solar heating system. By the end of 2017, the number of private cars in the region surpassed 2.7 million, compared with around 10,000 in 1987. In addition to the material changes, people's mindsets have also changed as well. In history, ethnic minority groups including Mongolians paid very little attention to business. The Internet has brought products from around the country to the grassland and many herders run stores selling dairy products. (Xinhua/Chen Bin)

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